NADPH/NADH ratio or methods to increase HDAC activity

Are there any methods to measure the NADPH/NADH ratio or NADPH levels or ways to increase NADPH?

My “pfs” was caused by a single dose of sulforaphane. Of course in a healthy individual this would never happen and i now noticed that bascially since puberty i had many light pfs like symptoms. Especially incredible overreactions to all substances that alter hormone levels. The only plausible causes seem to be problems in neurosteroid reduction and allopregnanolone deficiency and/or epigenetic dysbalance especially with histone (de)acetylation.

NADPH is used by the enzyme 3a-HSD to create allopregnanolone. 3a-HSD is increased by sulforaphane but it works bidirectionally so also oxidises allopreganolone back to 5a-DHP.

Sulforaphane is also a HDAC inhibitor (HDAC inhibitors seem to make some people here worse and help others). The only thing i found to increase HDAC activity is according to this study also NADPH (but not NADH and NAD+) and conjugated CoA derivates (but not free Coa which inhibits it)

So how can i measure or increase NADPH? I only find way to measure and modify NAD+/NADH ratio.

Also how can i lower free CoA/conjugated CoA ratio or increase HDAC activity in other ways?