Myelin has been damaged in our brains and spinal cord

How to Repair the Myelin Sheath with Food
By Beth Ortega, eHow Contributor

Avocados contain essential nutrients for myelin sheath repair.
The myelin sheath assists nerves with signal transmission. If the sheath is damaged, problems with memory, specific movements and functions are common. Certain auto-immune diseases and outside chemical factors, such as food pesticides, can damage the myelin sheath. For foods to assist in regeneration of this nerve covering, you must remove the damaging chemicals from the diet and lifestyle. In addition, you’ll need specific minerals and fats, preferably obtained through a nutrient-dense diet.

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Things You’ll Need
Olive Oil
Whole grains

Beans are a tasty way to add choline to the body.
Eat foods high in choline and inositol. These amino acids are crucial to myelin sheath repair. Choline is found in eggs, beef, beans and some nuts. It assists in preventing fatty deposits from forming in the body. Inositol supports a healthy nervous system by aiding in the creation of serotonin. Nuts, vegetables and bananas contain inositol. The two amino acids combine to produce lecithin, which reduces bad fats in the bloodstream. High cholesterol and fats are known to prevent myelin sheath repair.


Yogurt contains B-5 and can be fortified with other B vitamins.
Eat foods rich in B vitamins. Vitamin B-1, also called thiamin, and B-12 are physical components of the myelin sheath. Foods containing B-1 include rice, spinach, lintels and pork. Vitamin B-5 can be found in yogurt and tuna. Whole grains are rich in B vitamins and many cereals are fortified with them. Dairy foods are also rich in vitamin B. These nutrients enhance the metabolism, which burns fats from the body, and they carry oxygen.


Olive oil contains healthful fats that contribute to the composition of the myelin sheath.
Add fatty acids to your diet. Fatty acids enhance the sheath’s fat content. Flaxseed, fish oils, salmon, walnuts and kidney beans are dense with Omega-3 fatty acids. The myelin sheath is 70 percent fat, all of which comes from such fatty acids. Oleic acid is a major natural contributor to that content. Olive oils, avocados and nuts contain oleic acid.


Chocolate contains traces of copper that aid in lipid development.
Add foods that contain copper. The myelin sheath regenerates using lipids, which can only be created using a copper-dependent enzyme. Without this assistance, other nutrients cannot do their job. Copper is found in lentils, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and semisweet chocolate. Liver and seafood may also contain copper in lower doses. Dried herbs such as oregano and thyme are an easy way to add the mineral to your diet.

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My note: It is not a perfect world and one can only balance the good with the not so good. Copper it appears has both beneficial qualities, it is necessary for cells and for myeline sheath rebuilding, low copper levels are also a limiting factor in cancer cell growth. Put another way, high copper levels feed cancer, but you need some for rebuilding. I personally don’t know how much is the correct amount.

The best one can do is have copper levels checked, and adjust accordingly. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

… aaaand how did you come to the conclusion that we have damaged myelin in our brain and spinal cord?

This is the staple of the Alex Miller theory. It makes a lot of sense as do many of the theories proposed. But naturally we won’t know till the studies come out.

can u actyally repare myelin?
i think its impossible.

progesterone is currently being studied for acute brain injurys in repairing nerves

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Anything new on this?