My trial with soy flour

What’s up guys,

I’m trying soy flour as discussed in @skorpio88’s thread A new theory about why PFS happens

Just took one tablespoon today and will work my way up from there. Not expecting much but it can be another thing to cross off the list. I’ll update in a week or two unless I notice any improvements or negative effects beforehand.


Please keep us updated.

Wish you good luck!

Thanks man. Also this is the brand I got Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Soy Flour, 1lb | Non-GMO and Gluten Free | Source of Protein and Iron

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@skorpio88 what active ingredient are we looking to get an effect from specifically from the soy flour? Would it be ok to instead take a soy isoflavone supplement? I don’t really like taking tablespoons of raw flour and it’s probably not the best idea to eat raw flour anyways.

I believe its genistein and daidzen, however there are probably lots of other complimentary chemical components in soy flour that help as well. Personally if I were you, I would just take soy flour instead of only taking a supplement; I know that soy flour doesnt really taste that great, but if the potential for recovery is on the line then you might as well stick with whats tried and true instead of trying to deviate from it. I have eaten lots and lots of soy flour and I never experienced anything worse than maybe some flatuence/bloating. Its up to you though

Ok I’ll stick to the flour. I was just reading that raw flour isn’t good to eat because it can harbor pathogens and bacteria. My stuff comes from India so I’m not sure what their regulations for stuff like that are. I also read that raw soy bean has bad effects on the Digestive system but I’m not sure if that’s the same as soy flour.

Would using it to make baked goods have the same benefit or are some things lost when you cook it?

ah I see. The flour I used was made in the US (bobs red mill). Ive never used it to make baked goods but I imagine the heat from baking might denature some of the active ingredients in the soy flour

Just want to update. I’ve been taking soy four (1-2 tbl spoons/day) for a little over a week and I haven’t really noticed any difference. I took two large tbl spoons last night before bed and woke up with intense stomach ache and diarrhea which is still somewhat going on today. Will not continue to take this.

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thanks for sharing, sorry to hear that it didnt work out for you. Im guessing that androgen receptor upregulation was not a major issue for you

Who knows really, I’m not saying it wouldn’t have some benefit if I continued, but I just don’t want to be up all night with stomach cramps and the shits again

I still think your reasoning is sound, I’m just going to search for other things that can downregulate androgen receptors

keep in mind, you can always try eating tofu or soy milk as well; people have gotten positive benefits from taking these kinds of things, the only reason I use soy flour is because its the most powerful/concentrated, but other forms of soy definitely work as well

What are you trying now?results??

Just did a mediherb tribulus cycle. This is the first day not taking it. Feeling about the same but while I was taking trib noticed more endurance and strength in the gym and harder muscles. Just better energy too but yesterday I felt like shit so I’m gonna wait and see a week from now how I feel or if I improved my baseline

Glad to hear that.
I’ve also tried tribulus cycling for 3 days,but unfortunately I have negative effects,ear pressure…According to OP,this may be caused by overdomination of AR.
Do you think I can get rid of this by using soys etc?If you did,let me know what you did.

I just ordered soy flour off amazon and took 1-2 tbl spoons a day for a week. I would like to try another cycle of this soon too. The only negative side effect I had from it was pretty gnarly diarrhea. Maybe if I split up the dosing and drank more water it might help.

I don’t want to give you specific advice because I don’t think it’s allowed here and I also just don’t know about soy flour either, but I will be trying it again

ok,thanks.I am respectful to your attitude.
btw,do you cycle tribulus and soys one by one?
Or once trying soy use,we get over negatives?

Soy is not good for men–something in it binds to androgen/estrogen receptors so that our hormones cannot.