My Testosterone level need your suggestions

Hi Guys

I have done my testosterone level test and it seems its low what you guys suggest will fixing this resolve sexual issues which i have currently i have Nil Libido soft erection and shrink penis and testicles.

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We don’t know how much impact trt will have on the sides effects, the results are very individual.

It may be the case that bringing test up will solve your issues.

The issues could additionally be in the androgen receptor,

And addition to that, in gene transcription after androgen signalling.

The transcription issues could be causes by changed gene expression, or something else.

Those are just some of the potential causes. However, with this low of a test level, it might be beneficial to discuss trt with your doctor in my opinion.

Well done on getting the bloods. At least you know where you’re at. :slight_smile:


That’s quite low. We don’t know that a higher hormone level will make you feel better, but just about any doctor would tell you to try TRT because that result qualifies as hypogonadal.

Sorry there isn’t a firm answer. If it were me, I would try and see what happens, but everyone has to weigh the risks for themselves.

Also, the prescriber needs to measure more than just total serum T (LH, FSH, free T, estrogen, prolactin).

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Testosterone level raising hasn’t been helpful in the past.

If it was, then we could raise testosterone and be cured and this forum would be unnecessary.

I suggest you speak to your doctor and have them manage your condition in this respect.

I agree but most of PFS does attack each individual differently i believe if my testosterone levels are very low ofcourse i wont be able to generate 5ar activity.

My point is that your doctor is the person to interpret these results. There’s not much point asking people here what needs to be done.

I don’t mean that to sound harsh, sorry if it did, but most of the advice around here is nonsense.


Correct @Greek decades worth of tail chasing when we know hormone levels aren’t the issue and hrt does not help. Infact it often worsens sufferers situations and the same goes for supplements when will the penny drop!!! Sorry rant over