My Supplement Protocol

  1. Nicotine
  2. Curcumin
  3. EGCG
  4. CBD
  5. Mucuna Pruriens
  6. Taurine
  7. B6
  8. Boron
  9. Tribulis
  10. Magnesium
  11. Vitamin D
  12. Coffee
  13. Niacin

I think PFS features are: Low dopamine/high serotonin which causes lethargy, loss of appetite and libido loss. Also, it has been shown that PFS patients have unusually high methylation of the 5AR2 gene thus silencing it.
Here is my reasoning for each supplement:

  1. Chronic nicotine use inhibits histone deacetylase. This enzyme causes gene silencing and methylation.
  2. Curcumin reduces TNF alpha which will in turn reduce methylation.
  3. EGCG same as curcumin
  4. CBD same as EGCG and Curcumin
  5. Mucuna Pruriens increases Dopamine and inhibits Serotonin
  6. Taurine increases GABA and reverses penile fibrosis and reduces Norepinephrine
  7. B6 reduces prolactin and increases GABA and Growth hormone
  8. Boron reduces SHBG increases free testosterone
  9. Tribulus increases AR in brain and increases dopamine and DHEA
  10. Magnesium reduces SHBG
  11. Vitamin D reduces SHBG
  12. Coffee increases Dopamine and reduces methylation
  13. Niacin reduces methylation

I would also advise heavy weight lifting to increase your natural T production.

I haven’t found any natural DNA methyltransferase1 inhibitors other than Laccaic acid, which is probably not easy to come by. If there is any substance that can block this enzyme, it could reduce methylation of the 5ar2 gene.


Mate, seeing posts like yours here makes me sick of this website and pisses me off immensely! Before you suggest stuff to the others you should use the search bar and do your homework by searching how many people crashed using the supplements of your list!
People been crashing on coffee, B vitamins, at least one guy crashed on Vitamin D, there are people been feeling worse from tribulus etc… So why suggesting all that then? Why?

It just makes sense from what we know about the disease. So far it has been working for me. I crashed when I stopped following these supplements.

Should I post how I take it all?

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That is the whole thing man, it works for some it fucks others, you would never know until you try, but IMO trying it knowing it could harm is irresponsible. Just my two cents…

@Stronguy sure post how you’re taking them. I do recommend going slowly and take blood test along the way. Don’t take too many at once, slowly increase dosages if needed.

What are your symptoms and what are your hormone levels?

OK, if you have blood test of your hormones, could you post it and link again the herbs that you think help you for that condition, so people with identical or similar blood work can possibly rely on that.
Thanks, and sorry for the rude tone in my first message!

@tisho1012, there’s no need to be angry. I get it, but it’s important to remember the situation isn’t his fault and he can share his own responses. There’s no grounds for suggesting a correlation between serum results and safety. There’s evidence of variable deregulation of the hormonal transcription factor and steroidogenic enzymes in PFS so it’s highly unlikely there’s something to be gleaned from serum related to safety. Nevertheless we’ve launched a system for collecting and standardising test results (under the survey link via the top graph bar icon).

Welcome @Stronguy. As tisho mentions as this forum now runs to hundreds of thousands of posts, we’ve had a lot of users harmed by supplements, sometimes crashing with a persistent worsening after an initial improvement. Obviously, this is difficult as the same things modulate symptoms in others. This is particularly the case for antiandrogenic substances such as curcumin and vitamin k. Therefore it might be handy for others to share your story and your response rather than just theories on why you think it is. It would be good if you could make a member story to do that.

Many thanks for participating in the survey and other projects.

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Hi Axo,
I do understand that, but probably this would be the safest way as the people keep suggesting stuff anyways, so we can try to find correlation, if there is any, and try to mitigate the possible negative impact of all that. The only way to see whether that works is to try it.

My DHT is through the roof, maybe 5ar1 and 5ar3 are taking over? Maybe I am only 5ar2 silenced in my spinal fluid?

My SHBG is super high considering I have high DHT, which theoretically frees up T.

My mean cell hemoglobin is very high, not sure what this one is all about.

T is normal range but free T should be better.

Prolactin is high IMO and creatine kinase is high, which I think PFS victims have?

Let me know what you guys think.

Update I think the TNF alpha inhibitors got my immune system weaker and I got a cold. I couldn’t sleep well because of it and I got a crash. Also I do feel like the anti androgen properties caught up to me as well with the turmeric and EGCG because I felt anxious and lost libido. Maybe those should not be used daily but instead weekly

Your T actually looks fine, the high DHT is a bit of mystery.

Do you have your DHEA values?
DHEA also converts DHT.

SHBG is high for sure, is there an inverse correlation with DHT? That one I don’t know enough about.

Could prolactin be an issue as well? That’s another one I haven’t researched enough to know about.

Yes DHT is supposed to bind strongly to shbg freeing up more testosterone. That is why proviron increases free testosterone.

Also dht is supposed to lower estrogen but mine seem mid high. I seem to be aromatizing a lot.

Also my body fat is high around 22% so that could be the reason for aromatization.

Interesting study I read that higher BMI increases methylation via higher Inflammation. I think people have gotten better with fasting probably because it causes weight loss and directly reduces Inflammation. Fasting also puts your body into ketosis which I believe people claim helps. Some food for thought.

I think it would make sense to start by lowering body fat and see where that takes you, I’ve been reading somewhere between 8% to 12% is a good range for body fat.

I don’t think you just want weight loss, you want to build muscle as well, or else you’ll be skinny but flabby and that probably doesn’t help with T and DHT production as well.