My story took finasteride while having pfs

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22, 6’1”, 175
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1 mg
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3 weeks September 2022, 1 week December 2022
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Cold Turkey
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1 week first time, 1 day second time
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[x ] Watery Ejaculate
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[ ] Increased hair loss
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[ x] Lowered body temperature

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Absurdly low testosterone, low vitamin d
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I took finasteride in September knowing that there was bad side effects, but I stupidly thought that if it went poorly and if I went off the drug I’d be fine. I also fell into the Reddit pipeline that worships this drug and saw people downplaying pfs, so I thought it would be nothing to worry about. I took the drug and got side effects but my doctor on Keeps said that they usually go away so I kept on, but I had such bad brain fog that I decided it wasn’t worth it after 3 weeks and went off. During the initial period, I had bad brain fog, ED, insomnia, and felt really weak. After I went off, symptoms resolved pretty quickly until about 2 weeks later when I started feeling terrible. The problem was that it was all energy and mental side effects, and at the time I thought pfs was only ED. I also had a friend die during this time so I thought that was why I was so depressed. But I stayed depressed for a really long time. I also had a really bad scalp itch I couldn’t get rid of. Finally I thought maybe I was depressed because of my hairloss, and so I tried topical finasteride. Little did I know I had pfs, and I was about to make it worse. Once I took the topical I realized that the finasteride had been the issue as I developed worse side effects. My penis hurt, my balls hurt, I had complete anhedonia, really bad memory issues, and I had no energy whatsoever. My heart rate was also insanely high. I looked into it and figured out it was finasteride, but not after meeting with tons of doctors who just told me I was depressed. I knew it was a physical issue though, since my armpits smelled really weird. Anyway, one doctor, even though she didn’t help, had the foresight to look at my testosterone, which was absurdly low. Eventually I got an appointment with a doctor listed on the pfs website, and he prescribed me clomid. I was taking clomid for the past 3 weeks and it was helping, but I was getting bad side effects so I had to stop. It’s been 3 days since then, and I’m retiring to my pfs baseline. My muscles are really weak, my penis is numbing again. I don’t really know what to do. I may try trt next, but it seems it’s up to fate whether I get better or not. Obviously I feel really stupid trying finasteride in the first place, even when I knew some of the risks, and I feel even stupider that I tried it again. Hopefully I haven’t sealed my fate. It’s now been 10 weeks since I last took it and I don’t have much hope. The doctor I’m working with basically says to give it 6 months, and if it doesn’t resolve by then it’s probably not going to. Anyway, that’s kind of it. I can’t believe this is happening, I didn’t know a person could ever feel like this, especially from a drug that seemed so safe. It’s just so tragic that my arrogance and desperation about hairloss got the best of me and may have ruined my life. I hope I get a second chance. I don’t know anymore.

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Edited because I’ve noticed more symptoms, really concerned because I seem to be a very severe case. If any one with symptoms like mine has recovered please give some hope.

It’s really sad because I had a much milder case of pfs last fall, mostly just cognition issues and muscle weakness, and I probably would have recovered by now, but I just didn’t put it together and unfortunately the pfs made me even more anxious about my hairloss to the point where I was willing to try again. It feels like some kind of tragic fable.

Something that might be an interesting data point is the first couple days I went back on finasteride, I actually felt a lot better. Not sure why this is, maybe my testosterone was raised temporarily? I know in retrospect I had low testosterone, and I do now even more so, given some pictures of me where I was starting to have the pot belly. And now I have even more of one.

Hey mate,

Sorry you landed here.

If you can provide a rundown of the symptoms concerning you the most, I may be able to help ease your mind.

I mean, cognition and sexual function are the most concerning I think. As well as suicidal thoughts. If my mind were clear I could make it through this easily I think, but because it’s not it’s just really hard.

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Those types of symptoms are quite common during a crash and should ease up over the next three months. Fight the suicidal thoughts by telling yourself this is temporary. All you can really do is ride it out. Stay away from all pharmaceuticals and supplements, and try to distract yourself. This forum is here for you if you need help.


Welcome to the gulag.

Id hold out hope. Lot of the symptoms I had at 10 weeks improved and I am now at 15 months.

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Just checking in to see how you are doing now?