My story/Testimony


I am really struggling. Please pray for me.

Please share my story to prevent other young men from making the same mistake

May God grant us peace and a solution to our issues.



Hi Juan,

Thank you for bravely telling your story. Having a public face for this condition is so important for its acceptance.

I wanted to ask, if you have already spoken publicly, would you consider speaking on our PFS Network podcast? It would be very helpful for our awareness efforts.


Hey Juan I tried to send you a DM but it says you are not accepting messages. I am also from the Greater Toronto Area and am suffering severely from the effects of 5ari. I will keep you in my prayers and I know you will do the same for me.

Very brave and moving @Juanfezapata I felt every word. Stay strong despite everything, God does not want you to suffer like this :pray:

@Juanfezapata You are a true hero for telling your story. Respect! I hope everything will get better for you and us.

I will pray for you my friend, I started praying last week for all of us.

Dear Juan, I m Just waiting for Prof Zitzmann a pfs specialist, knowing that there after all is No cure. But I think for the Young Guys there may be some hope.
I can understand your Emotions so good, Iā€™m 60 yo allready and it even hurts me like my whole live and my soul is violated every minute. And I think to end up my live multiple times a day.
I try to get of the bed everyday at least at midday, have a normal breakfast, try to do the household. And I have a walk through a little forest every day.