My story, PFS got worse after 5 years

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6 years of taking finasteride.
In 2018, I noticed a very sharp drop in the quality of my erections. I immediately stopped the treatment as I was aware of the potential side effects.

At that time, the blood tests were normal. Penis EMG showed some irregularities. I also practiced an Penile Echo Doppler but without injection, therefore useless. Normal spermogram. I had an EchoDoppler of the testicles because I had the impression of having some pain, which showed a varicocele on the left side.

I went through this forum for a long time in 2018 because I couldn’t have sex without Ipde5.

Then I didn’t go back for 5 years, because I was able to get good erections with ipde5, and I was fine with that. I was able to have sex really often with no fail.

Then everything changed about 8 months ago, because the ipde5s started not working anymore. Pelvic pain appeared. The situation continued to deteriorate until today, I am no longer able to have sex even with a high dose of ipde5 (20 mg cialis or levitra).

The visible veins on the penis have grown even more.
A varicocele on the right side also set in and the last spermogram showed infertility.

So my biggest concern is my very bad ED (no loss of libido).
My flaccid penis is constantly contracted and retracted.
I see no other solution than injections or penile implant.

I don’t have the impression that my condition is due to an addiction to Ipde5, my baseline has really deteriorated, I had no pelvic pain before but I don’t know how this is possible 5 years after stopping treatment and experiencing a condition stable.

It’s very strange and very depressing.

I will spend in the next few days a Penien EchoDoppler and a new EMG.

But in my opinion, I don’t have permanent penile tissue damage, as I have observed a few short periods where it went back to being like my first 5 years of PFS.

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same here. Things deteriorated real quick. Frst few months after first topical finasteride dose viagra and ciallis worked well. It stopped working. Even 20mg cialis does nothing. How is your nocturnal and morning wood? for me its good in some days, but my 2 hours sleep won’t help with that… Its been 8 months since I stopped. ED started in the first week. after 4 or 5 months Viagra and ciallis stopped working.

Same here. Finasteride decreases smooth muscle cells in the penis. I.e. the penis ages a lot faster. We are in our 20s or 30s but our dicks are basically of 80 years old. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of young men that start the drug and think they dont have side effects. In reality they just dont understand the mechanics of finasteride and will end up having ED as well.

Just to add: Look at Franktalk. Guys who get implants are either old, have had prostate cancer or are still young but have used finasteride or in some cases accutane. It is a sad reality.

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I saw 3 phases: after my crash and for a long time, I had very weak nocturnal erections.
Then, I only had them when I took the ipde5 drugs. But recently, even with the drugs, I no longer have any nocturnal erections.
My condition has clearly deteriorated, and I don’t think it’s ipde5 tolerance

It is the aging of the penile tissue that was caused by finasteride + the normal aging. Same deterioration I have.

Did you already do the Doppler Ultrasound? Any results?