My story, any advice, it is making me panic and anxious

I am a 22yo Male, I have always had a high sex drive and since I started taking 0.5g finasteride every day, in November 2022, my sex drive stayed the same. I had some bloods done throughout the year and they were all normal. Fast forward to December 2023, I stopped taking the medicine and noticed my sex drive was completely gone from weeks on end till now. I am having monthly bloods and they are out of range to before. Since I am from the UK I went to my GP about this, however, she has shrugged me off 3 times. I am not sure what I should do at this point. As my libido comes back for a few days then a few days nothing, not even in the morning. I was wondering If i should hop back on and see if anything changes?

How can i upload my blood tests?

Don’t ever go back to finasteride. Not even in very small doses. It’s the only solid advice we can give.