My story and side effects and need help and support

I am 36yrs old male.

Took finasteride(1mg)/minoxidil(2.5mg) oral tablets for hair loss , for three days ( 22 - 24th Dec 2023) and stopped it on 24th Dec 2023, and got side effects of erectile dysfunction, low libido, less sex drive, watery semen and less quality of semen.

It’s been over a month. I got a good recovery in 3rd week of Jan 2024 but in 4th week my recovery went down. Now at this stage my condition is

1- I am having morning wood but some times weaker and sometimes stronger
2- less sex drive most of the time
3- semen quality is less and have watery symptoms.
4- some times it took me effort while doing masterbution.

Did complete blood test and penile ultrasound. All are normal.

My testerone level is 13 nmol/L (10 - 33). It’s normal but low normal. I did not know before taking finasteride.

I went to my GP and he recommended to wait for another month and will do a blood test and check total T and free T levels.

I am very scared of PFS. Hope I will get a recovery soon.

Any help will be appreciated.


The situation is not good. I have done my blood and harmones test again.

My testosterone dropped and now it’s below normal which is 9. My LH and FSH are at low normal range. The condition is not good. Now the condition is

1- very rare morning wood
2- erection is sometime stronger and sometime no erection
3- less libido and low sex drive mostly.

I will do blood test and harmone test after a month and if my testosterone level decline then based on urologist, I have to go on TRT.

It looks like I am going into crash mode slowly slowly.