My road to recovery

Hi guys before I start English is not my first language but I’ll try my best……I’m a long time lurker here…… I got PFS back in 2019 when I took 1MG of single finasteride pill and crashed after a week. Tried countless supplements and drugs to return to pre pfs stage but nothing helped I’ll list everything I tried and I’ll tell you by the end what helped me the most. I mustered all my courage to write this after thinking a lot whether to write here or not but in the end decided to go ahead cause I went through this hell how it feels like dying everyday from inside while everyone believes you’re a hypochondriac schizo, also because this forum was one of the only source of information for me and if I can help even a single brother all this will be worth it…….So let’s start……

Why you took funasteride?
It all begin when I took ‘letrozole’ in 2018 for like a couple of months for gynecomastia after cessation I developed few issues like ‘excessive sweating’ and ‘frequent urination’ to a point where I woke up around 5-6 times during my sleep to use the washroom got irritated went to a doctor I don’t know why he prescribed me ‘escitaloprám’ took it without knowing it was an SSRI but surprisingly I got better while on it, stopped it but after few weeks I got hit harder I was sweating like a pig, peeing like a dog every now and then, went for bloods results came back everything was normal test, cortisol, prolactin, thyroid everything seemed fine but my estrogen was little dipped and free testosterone was literally twice higher than the upper reference range. I thought okay this is the culprit let’s nuke it as I didn’t knew much my peanut brain related free testosterone with dht went to a pharmacy bought finasteride it was 1mg took it then started feeling the effects from that day only, less use of washroom no more sweating! Dick sensitivity was higher than before, muscles felt tighter, wow it’s a miracle drug! Heals everything…….Well umm no
What seemed like a blessing turned into my worst nightmare……….Crash yes It came and hit me like a train I started noticing my face first I looked weird like I aged 2 years in 2 weeks I was clueless my first guess was maybe I have stopped working out because of all this mess I was going through let’s just start working out not knowing what was coming to me after this……I started working out like I was training for some competition shit and within two days The crash got worse I looked worse I felt worse My stomach felt like it was just fat no muscle, arms were flabby, eye bags, skin was paper like, shaggy skin and was too oily around my nose I was clueless even now what was happening I enjoyed working out so much and felt like I can never work out if my symptoms got worse and worse, meanwhile I noticed a strange thing melasma around my fingers and few spots on my face which got worse when I worked out everything went over my head but I sensed it was that motherfucking finasteride pill that I took, started researching to reverse this condition went over every forum every subreddit to find a cure or something to reverse its effects on my body I’ll list down (without any specific order) everything I took starting from 2019 to 2024 and there effects positive or negative and in the end something that worked best for me with the theory I believe is the cause behind PFS

  1. Zinc - Mostly negative, only positive was increase in semen volume.

  2. Letrozole - Crash, no positives

  3. Exemestane - no positives but Increased hair shedding and thinning which is linked to DHT but then crashed

  4. B complex - I don’t remember much just peeing neon

  5. B12 - ROA sublingual helped a little with melasma nothing profound

  6. TRT - while on it felt better, again nothing special maybe more muscle mass that’s it

  7. Tamoxifen - Bigger balls no changes in libido and crash after 2 days

  8. Enclomiphene - like tamoxifen without estrogenic effects, less severe crash than tamoxifen

  9. Bupropion - huge libido spike most profound change in libido for me but melasma got worse so didn’t continue, libido spike was still there until I started tinkering again and crashed from god knows what

  10. Working out - low intensity lifting weights seemed to help, high intensity cardio caused major crash

  11. Cabergoline - more strong erections but went back after a week or two have to keep on taking every other week for stronger erections to stay

  12. Alcohol - No major effects positive or negative

  13. Weed - High libido stronger erections but the effects don’t last long

  14. Microdosing escitalopram - wanted to reinstate but was afraid so thought why not try microdose it and it helped, felt increased senses and better overall mood also helped with erection felt so better that at a point I thought this was my only solution and I’ll keep taking this throughout my life. Also heard that low dose SSRI increase allopregnenolone which is often linked with PFS

  15. Tribulus - Whenever I used to pop it felt tingling sensation down there and felt easy to get erect but then came with one of the worst crash after a day like my penis felt like a rubber or a bear that is hibernating no response whatsoever.

  16. Proviron - felt best on it dick looked and felt better, muscles were tight and pumped, felt aggressive, beard looked thicker, hair on head looked thinner felt like dht was kicking in but upon drug leaving the body everything returned back to baseline maybe even worse.

Many more such drugs and supplements that I even forgot about or had no profound effects on me positive or negative

One thing clicked my mind I had worst crashes from things that are known to increase testosterone I’m maybe right or wrong I don’t claim to be an expert but my worst crash came from Tribulus even after 2 weeks of my last dose my dick was like a soft toy no life in it. Everything was so annoying then I saw a study which said our ‘Androgen Receptors’ are upregulated due to which they are desensitised and something clicked I recalled reading somewhere dopamine receptors are susceptible to microdosing whether agonist or antagonist I thought maybe why not agonise these androgen receptors with microdosing maybe they share same chemistry

I came down to 3 drugs that I had on me
Proviron - pharma grade, Winstorl (stanozolol) - pharma grade , Anavar (oxandrolone) - UG lab
All of them working as agonist on androgen receptors I thought about this twice whether to go ahead or not but fuck It what worse can happen

Started with proviron crushed it as It’s not soluble in water so I can’t microdose it after mixing it in water
Crushed it took grain amount (lower than 1mg) and god oh god my body tightened within couple of hours felt even better than full blown 75mg dose god I was in another dimension my mind and body was 100 times better than pre fps my beard looked so thick my face looked chiseled and was so aggressive looking to pick fight with strangers strongest I ever felt, erections were strong tried masturbating and felt decreased refractory period as I was ready for round 2, something was working cause even 75 mg of it never felt like this but my fear turned true as drug started leaving my body everything came back to baseline maybe little worse within 12 hours but not a major crash.
I thought maybe because proviron is highly dht like and maybe it’s upregulating AR even more and make them desensitised after it leaves the body and it’s not much suppressive even at clinical doses so no less testosterone and more sensitised receptors hmm not a good thing we need something that suppresses testosterone a little to keep them receptors sensitised I know this sounds bs and bro science Even I thought so but hey! nothing is helping right and when you are sinking you just don’t let go freely you keep trying to save yourself from sinking

Let’s try anavar next, did the same process took grain amound but meh nothing much, maybe erections improved 10%
Muscle tightness 20%
But this time the effects stayed yes they did not return to baseline also this Anavar was UG lab made so I had low hopes on it I was left with stanozolol which is suppressive and was pharma grade too

Comes stanozolol I had lower expectations now but still went ahead, it was 2 mg tablet I cut it half then again half then again around 0.25 mg of it in between my fingers rubbed it to let go some more what remained was around 0.20-0.17 gulped down with a glass of water
5 hours later better muscles better mood
10 hours passed still better jerked off multiple times still horny
15 hours still doing same my muscles, face, dick, mind everything seems better than before
24 effects are still around
2 days passed still same no comedown no reverting to baseline still feeling recovered

I’m not claiming I’m cured or I’m 100% recovered but this is the best I’ve felt in all these years
My energy levels are much better I can now perform mundane tasks and feel like I should collect myself and be better this condition had ruined me I’m way back in my life unemployed lost everything all my savings in finding a cure, I feel like killing myself cause I’m incapable of doing anything
But I’m not saying yay! I’m cured guys, hop on this……no! Just 2 days have passed so it’s nothing solid but I’ll keep on updating you but yes it was most intense and profound change I have ever had after PFS.

What if doesn’t work? well I’m still sticking to this theory and maybe I’ll try antagonist or inhibitors next time like low dose bicalutamide, and before you question I should fund research instead of trying all these stuff I’ll be more than happy to fund but I’ve lost all my savings doing this and it’s too late now also where I live pharma grade drugs are dirt cheap and easy to get hold of even without a prescription! You’ll get a generic finasteride for 0.68 dollars!! Also I’m ready to be a guinea pig and keep trying every stuff that I can get here cheaply and is pharma grade.
Also there are two types of people on this forum some feel better taking pro androgens while some feel better taking anti androgens some people crash from tribulus some recovered from it and in my case I initially felt better then crashed.

I’m not an expert but I wanted to share my story and contribute something to this community, not gonna turn my back and walk away cause I’m feeling recovered.

Again as English is not my first language also I’m typing this on my phone rn so pardon me for the errors that I may have made. I’ll be happy answering all your questions feel free to ask.


Damn. Your story is so similar to mine. Tried many of the same supplements/UGL stuff too.