My recovery - all natural (but took 5+ years)


I don’t if there exact definition of pfs but I sure the hell suffered a great deal. I went from no problems and regular sex to almost being able to do nothing overnight.
I still remember when it happened. I was having sex with my then gf and it going limp. That had never happened. After that it was 5 years of frustration. I Could hardly/not at all get it up, could not feel my penis when flaccid, discomfort when I did cum, lower volume of ejaculate, etc.

I wish I could tell everyone the magic formula for recovery but I can’t. I took 5+ years to start to be normal.

I am normal now.


Thanks for posting. This is so positive and I am so glad that you got better. It gives hope to all of us.


I wish luck to everyone. I have been there. It was horrible.

I can’t say it will be ok but I did come back, I wish I recovered in a few months and not 5 years but it did happen. There is hope.

People have to decided what is right for them but please think before anyone puts more chemicals in their body to try and recover.


I’ve been having a bad few days and reading this post has really cheered me up. Thanks for posting. I’m so glad that you have got better and I hope that i’m on the same track as you.


hy pine did you experience numbness of penis and scrotum, like there is very small feeling to touch. did you revered that completely.


I don’t get the numbness in my penis and scrotum now. I absolutely did in the first 3-4 years. There were days when it almost felt my penis wasn’t attached to my body. There was also pain in my scrotum. I could touch my penis and rub it and nothing would happen.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen any more.


You mentioned about your orgasms feels ok now, can you say that it is 100% back to normal? My orgasms seems to be duller and more shorter than before. The build-up feeling is gone. Before accutane, my build-up orgasm feeling and ejaculation feeling was really good and lasted long. Now it feels shorter and less intense. Can you please specify this particular thing? Can you say that it is the same as pre-fin after your recovery?

(I really started to doubt that 100% healing is possible… i now, it sounds pessimistic but how people could really remember the exact feeling of the orgasms that he had 5 years ago… I hope people who recover compare the changes of Pre-Fin - Post-Fin health rationally. Im not saying this for you. Just wanted to add for other members :slight_smile: ) @pine909