My recovery - all natural (but took 5+ years)


I posted my story before but I have been meaning to post in recoveries.
I want to give hope to all that are suffering. I know how it is. It is the worst but don’t give up.

From 2013:
Here is my first post:

Basically on propecia for a year and then one day crashed after I started to taper off.
As my first post notes I was a healthy happy guy, who didn’t take drugs, smoke, etc and NEVER had any sexual problems and always had a high libido.

After the crash I thought I would recover in two weeks or so (believing Merck) but I didn’t. Was 5 years of not being able to get it up or not very well. This was embarrassing and depressing in the decent amount of situations I was in with women in bed and ready to go. I told maybe 3 people about this situation, all women that I was in bed with but even then I didn’t mention how it might be permanent. I was depressed and takes a toll on your life.

I read a lot of forum posts on what people were trying, clomid and other treatments. I wanted get back to normal but after this nightmare with propecia frankly I was scared to take anything else and didn’t want to mess myself up further.

I did begin to eat healthier and cut down on sugar more. I did hit the gym more. This being said I was already relatively healthy person and did not eat much fast food or have lots of sugar. It was only a slight change in diet. I thought the exercise might help but so many times I was on the machines hoping to start feeling my penis again but it didn’t happen. I had to keep myself from crying in the gym (and I probably have cried only like 3 times in a decade).

I started propecia in '06 and quit in '07. In the fall of '11 I broke up with this gal who was not very understanding and I was a not in a good place emotionally. About a month later I was over at this new gal’s place I had just met. Was later at night and I was not expecting anything to happen, at least not go that far, but we end up in her bed. I am not saying I am some super suave guy but as I said I had been in this situation a number of time in the past years but had problems of differing severity. Maybe it was the surprise factor and knowing that if I didn’t go all the way it would not be something she would be wondering about (again since we had just met earlier in the week), but as we were in bed making out I got hard and we did it. The next morning we did it and then in the late morning we did it again! This was amazing. Back before Propecia this would be normal but after this was stunning. My erections were relatively good. I previously had sex but as many of you know the experience was underwhelming, only half hard, orgasms feeling only ok, or sometimes even hurt. Very depressing. That is of course when I could get it up. There were a lot of situations I could not. I could not even feel my penis.

This relationship went on for about a month. I could generally get it up and stay up. For the first time I felt at least partly normal in 4.5 years. I was not recovered though but had a touch of confidence for the first time since before propecia.

Later I got in to a relationship with another gal (awesome) and continued to do decently well and improve. For the first year There were still times that I had problems. Now in the past year I have improved to the point where in sexual situations I get hard and stay hard. I would say 85% recovered. I want to say higher but I used to get hard sometimes at a bar/party just talking to a girl, again I had a high libido and NEVER had problems before.

So there is hope. That being said has been over 5 years in the making. I know some of you who have suffered for a few years don’t want to hear, hey just wait another two years and it might get better but at least for me it did. I do think waiting it out is better than risking more drugs but I can understand the people who choose a different route. I tried mineral and vitamins and natural libido boosters. They didn’t seem to help and I have not taken them in about 2 years but maybe they helped start it. I don’t know.

I would also say I also used to try to avoid cumming so I could save it up and pray that when i was in bed with a girl that it would help me. I think though once I started having sex a little more regularly my body was start producing more seaman eventually. For the first few years my amount went down and was watery like many others here. Mine has gotten better though not the same as it was before propecia.

I hope this post helps some keep hope alive. Oh, and Merck, I still hate you for taking 5 years of my life away.

Update Oct 2015

Everything is good. As mentioned above took about 5.5 years to become better.Then another 1.5 years to become normal. Past 2 years has been good. I get strong erections and can get hard touching it or being in a intimate situation. Also it actually feels good when I cum and doesn’t hurt like it did in the first few years when I stopped taking propecia.

Again I started eating healthier (though was not un healthy to begin with). I did more exercise though last 2 years have not been to the gym.

I hope this gives people hope. I suggest not taking other drugs but that is your decision. Bottom line it took over 5 years before I started recovering and nearly 2 more to be totally normal. But again now I am good.


First and foremost congratiulations to your recovery .

Like you propably expected I have a few questions

Did you have Genital shrinkage ( Penis or Balls/Scrotum) ?

would you say that time was the only heal factor or that a diet and excercise was essentiel to your recovery ?

Did you take supplements if so can you name it . I mean you said that you wanted to heal naturally but I am talking about supplements like vitamin B , Vitamin D , Folic Acid something like that .


Great to hear. You have made my day.
I believe that a reasonably healthy lifestyle and time are tye try cures. Did you drink alcohol? I usually avoid it but I drink on occasion.
Enjoy your recovery,


Great, thanks for sharing this. Did you give up alcohol or do anything like that for an extended period? I did at first but didn’t see any benefits so haven’t continued.


Sometime my penis seemed to be in semi permanent “after cold swim” status. That is not the case for past 2 years.

As for exercise I am not sure if it helped or not. As I mentioned in story I was in the gym working out hoping I would begin to feel my penis again then wanting to cry when I could not. My gym membership 3 years ago and I didn’t renew it. I can’t say it helped but I don’t think it would hurt. I went to the gym for hour or so at a time. Not hard work outs. Basic lifting and some running.

I took vitamin B, zinc, L-Arginine, a little bit of horny goat weed (this not that much).

I took these after doing some research on what might help erections. I am not sure if they helped or not. I stopped taking them for the most part 2 1/2 years ago.

Might be just time. As I said I did eat a bit healthier and less sugar but was not dramatic change as I was a eater of poor nutrition food in the first place. I was in a bad place at times but I didn’t give up hope. Wish I had better answer.


mamoo & davey:

I cut down on alcohol a bit but not much. I am a weekend social drinker. I would not say it had much and affect. Better not to drink too much. I do still drink.


Good advice with or without PFS.
Thanks for updating us on your progress. It gives hope to the rest of us.
Take care of yourself


Urghhh this is my biggest issue right now. There are days (like today, for example) where it will be 75 degrees and sunny outside and yet my dick looks like I just swam 100 laps in an ice cold pool. This worst part of this is that once it gets like this it usually stays for the rest of the day. The only things that seems to reverse this is sleep or a warm shower.

But this happens at totally random occurrences. Tomorrow could be 30 degrees and windy out and my dick will look just fine.


Wrote this too fast. Supposed to read: “I wasn’t a eater of poor nutritional food in the first place”


Sure , I knew it otherwise it would be out of context. My last Question is did you drink coffee and/ or so called energy drinks high in caffeine or other soft drinks or did you only drink water or tea ?


Wrote this too fast. Supposed to read: “I wasn’t a eater of poor nutritional food in the first place”


do you get spontaniouse erections/without touching it?
what about mornning erections?


Same thing here. It is random, I cannot link it To food or habit. When this happens, my balls enter inside my body and my scrotum turns small and hard… Usually I feel waves of hot/cold from my scrotum throught my spine.
Ps: temperature in my city is always above 20 C


Hi Pine would it be possible to email or DM you? your story has some similarities to mine and i’d appreciate being able to ask a couple of questions. thanks!


Of course. DM me.


I never drank energy drinks. I drank mostly water but some green tea and black tea (which I am sure had nothing to do with my recovery). Not much hard alcohol. Some beer. Not much soda. Maybe 2 sodas a month.


Yes morning erections and sometimes erections during/after taking a nap.

Sometimes get spontaneous erections. Not the same frequency when I was early 20s, though sure this would be the case if
I had never taken propecia. Also can get erections if making out with a woman though not every time.


Pine909, this is a valuable question. Did you have a partner/girlfriend/wife through all of this, and were you having regular sex?
I think that the “use it or lose it” mantra applies here, just as most urologists prescribe once a day cialis for prostatectomy patients to take for often more than a year afterwards. I believe that regular sex and daily Cialis use can help us recover faster!

I hope this posting does not get erased.



My urologist told me to “use it or lose it” too. Because of that I decided to masturbate regularly. I think that was about a year ago, although I don’t feel the urge to do it.
I used to follow a regime, more or less based on cdnuts’ protocol. This had no noticeable results for me. In november, after I had followed the regime for two years, I decided to quit and live like I used to do before PFS. Since then I noticed some improvements, my erections have improved and my semen has become thicker. I cannot tell what caused the improvements, but I tend to believe that time and regular masturbation are beneficial factors.


this guy didnt have a fullblown pfs. He didnt even have penile shrinkage or facial changes. In addition he only recovered 85%.


During 5 years most of the other time was random hookups but they were disappointing and frustrating because o my condition. Toward the end I got a regular gf.

For me I didn’t want to risk any more drugs so I didn’t try any ED medication. I wanted to be “normal” with out help. As I posted in this thread I improved what I ate (but it wasn’t that bad to begin with) and tried to keep mentally strong.