My Pfs podcast interview

Here you go guys,

Sorry it could have been better, very diluted from me in terms of impact and the messages I wanted to get out there but hopefully it will help a little to broaden awareness.

Direct link:

Feel free to share wider.

@axolotl @Greek @Dubya @Sugarhouse @Northern_Star don’t know if this will be of any use in the drive for raising awareness.



It’s really good that you’ve taken the time to do this. Every step is one step closer.


The link gives me a 403 error.

Is there a link to the podcast that doesn’t require podbean? Can people listen online or via iTunes?

What’s the podcast called?

Its opening for me but I did use podbean @BibFortuna, @Greek Its called @Remediespodcast, the interviewer is Scott Wilson. I’ve asked him your questions Greek see what he come back with.

OK, the podcast is called Medical Error Interviews. Search for that if you want to find it in a podcast app. Listen online here:

Direct link:

@LazarusRy, I’ll edit these into your first post, I hope you don’t mind.


Brilliant thanks mate

Why only the first 3 secs of the podcast is playing in this direct link? After that it shows error. Is anyone having this problem?

@Greek sorry to ask mate but can you look into @FinDestroyedMe problem. As I’m useless with even basic IT gliches

No idea, I’m afraid. Seems to work fine for me.

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Me too

Podbean is opening just fine for me. Thanks man.

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It’s working fine now. Maybe some problem with my browser, anyway i have downloaded podbean and i can listen to the podcast now.

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