My penile doppler images - Please everyone with penile problems ask for a doppler

Hi, I upload here the scans of my penile doppler. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the report, but I am sure I have it somewhere. And also, the images can surely be easily understood by any urologist or medical professional.

I remember the report talked about atheroesclerosis, fibrosis (including a fibrotic line of 1.5cm) and microcalcifications.


Did they recommend any course of action to do from here?

Cialis, which didn’t work. Also Levitra, which only worked if I used once every two or three weeks. Then, after a new crash, even Levitra doesn’t work. I cannot have sex, and even masturbation has become something very different.

I am sending the results of the doppler to some dermatologists in my country (together with an explanation of my PFS experience).

If you feel information such as this one may be relevant to other doctors and researchers, let me know where to send this.

I have also been told by @axolotl that they are collecting this kind of information for an interesting project, so if you have done a doppler yourself, you can also send them a scan of the test.

Is this damage irreversible? What did doctors say, is this permanent? What did thay medically say about this situation? I don’t know a lot about this topic. What causes this etc. Jesus.

They said that part of the damage could be reversible if levitra or cialis worked, which wasn’t the case. And this was some years ago.

During the last years it hasn’t improved, but unfortunately my penile problems are now one of my last worries today.

I uploaded them here because they are evidence of something bad going on.

Sorry to still drag it…, but you saying cialis/lev didnt work means you cant get any errection even with them? So are they saying systematic errections/bloodflow would help here or what?

Yes I couldn’t get an erection even with cialis or levitra (in the past I could with levitra but only once every two or three weeks). Now even with levitra I can’t. Also, even when I used levitra, it caused me a strange feeling of pressure in the eyes.

They said that the treatment in this cases is taking cialis almost daily (or every two days, I can’t remember) to help the bloodflow at night. If you have erections every night, this helps keeping the penis healthy. If not, things can get worse .

So is there a chance that even very mild cases of pfs can have some damage like this in the penile tissue? I didn’t have any pre-images of my penis. If i get one, how do i know if its in natural form or very lightly damaged or not?

Im one of the mildest cases of pfs. Just saw few people like me over the years. But as i said is there any chance that even a slight damage could have happened to my penis? I do experience morning wood loss, so is that means less blood circulating inside penis= penile damage?? (main concern is low semen volume.)

Im full of questions… i hope someone has some answers. @awor sorry to tagging you awor, but it seems to me only you can help me right now.

Sorry for intimacy but i do remember having a uncontrollable ejaculation (wet dreams) while sleeping few times throughout years, this happened when i was trying no-fap in order to recover from my symptoms. I don’t know if i get nighttime erections like a healthy male. But it seems like im getting them if that happened. But the problem is my erections are not as big as before… i don’t know exactly if i obsess about it or not. ( I was never paying attention to my penis size when i was a healthy 16 year old boy)

After my mini-crash i didn’t experience any size loss on erections… i would notice if it did happen. However, is there any chance that this erection size loss can develop YEARS AFTER the crash? Has anyone experienced something like this? This is the fourth year of my journey.

Now im ordering 100 pills of cialis and will see my full erection potential with this drug, right? It should reach me to the highest potential state, just like pre- fucking Accutane days… lets see where i can reach.

OK, with this fibrosis in penile tissues what the majority of Pfs Victims have, there ist No Hope of Recovery. Thats whats f…ck me Up so much. If Hormone Therapy should bei helpful , Penis doesnt Been damaged

You need to be more clear because of the spelling errors in your post

How do you know it’s irreversible and permanent?
You have to know for sure before you make such claims like this

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Sorry, I’m depressed in a way that I see everything black. I started Finistarid 3 months ago and stopped Finistarid only 6 weeks ago. I’m still unser shock.

Don’t give up. Fibrosis should be reversible or partially reversible via shockwave therapy (with the right technique and devices, not anyone), increasing blood flow, diathermy radiofrequency, pump, potentially hormonal support combined, etc.

Doppler + Elastography are the way to go for proper diagnosis.

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