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love when amber lyon comes on joe rogan


I am and will continue to reduce my posting frequency. Since I obviously continue to suffer from PFS, I will continue to monitor the site, to gauge the latest developments.

These absurd titles however, have to be called out.

Do you find this title normal?

If yes, i have some stuff to sell to you.



I have been in almost every study from Dr. Irwig’s to the italian one where I shipped my saliva half way around the world and never got any information back from the place when I contacted them through emails repeatedly. I applied for the Harvard study and made it through phase 1 only to be denied phase 2 because I said I was sad for more than 3 consecutive days before I used propecia which made me ineligible (apparently that means I had preexisting depression). I donated 1000 dollars of the tiny money I make to the foundation and have heard nothing of what its doing. I have waited now for 3 years to hear from Italy or any of the other studies. I’m not just gonna sit around anymore and wait. My title in no way means I know of a cure, it is there to keep me positive.


The first step to healing is being positive.


I am happy that Harvard had strict standards in their selection process. Otherwise the place would be filled with hypochondriacs. That doesnt mean that you are one, just that any researcher has to be very careful that his sample is valid.


all the big pharmas are or were in jersey.

dr santmann is from jersey


Yea I didn’t know that.


did you click the link I provided? I bet you did not.
you are again comparing apples with oranges. you are citing Milk Thistle. MT is not food and Coconut is not a medicine. Coconut is food and has been eaten as food for centuries from childhood to old age. Nobody consume any medicine/ herb as food or consume for a years. There is no such example. I got angry when people even can not understand what they are talking about. For the same reason I have also stopped posting here but to keep sanity intact I have to make such posts.


Coconut oil is still a 5ar inhibitor. And saw palmetto is a berry, not a “herb”. Its also been consumed for centuries. as a food by the Florida peninsula aborigines as well as medicine.

Do your research before you insult peoples intelligence.

Also, if you actually read the link provided by the member you just insulted, you would’ve seen that lauric acid (present in large quantities in coconut oil) is a 5ari.

#29 - interesting

#30 … rics/45585 - neurogenesis again - reverses aging - young blood transfusion - I wonder when this will come out for humans.


Very interesting… I used Ambian for sleep after my crash. Over time it made some of the vision problems I had from Fin much worse. Still very interesting show.

#32 As you can see the west coast is on this shit. Those of you lucky enough to live out west should try getting the real thing.


I still think there is some potential in the Rick Simpson Oil. Thank you for the email. Yes, I think the thc based RSO even. I think the key to the oil is taking it for a long enough time, and taking enough of it. Also properly dosed. Read on the website. You have to stay on it, and finish the treatment, but don’t want to get “high”.
It’s supposed to be a moderate, keep it in your system, melee dosage. You should be resting, and not going out drinking with your friends. Of course that’s going to throw u off track and get you paranoid. You’re all high on a different plane in treatment, and then you’re going out and trying to socialize like nothing is the matter. It’s just not right. Make up a lie for why you can’t drink, Ave then just don’t get drunk, it will throw u off the track of your treatment for at least three days, and disrupt your spiritual journey while at it much worse than that. Don’t mix this treatment with alcohol abuse. It will just throw it all off, and derail you, and any potential recovery.
I still think it has the potential to work, but the FULL 60 GRAMS consistently throughout the 60-90 days without taking any time off at all is key!
Young buck, remember, it’s not about “getting high”. This is about relaxing your body and letting it heal, and recover feeling.
Have you seen the YouTube video “Vitamin Cannabis” yet. That’s a good one too.
The hardest part about doing this treatment is having the time off and not having to work and go do things for 2-3 months while you do it.
See, I’m thinking the key will be going the suppositories route simultaneously! I want to do 60 days on a low dose suppository of the RSO. If that doesn’t heal this PFS and prostate bullcrap then I don’t know what else would!
That properly made RSO is a very powerful and magical medicine, it just has to be dosed and taken properly and in moderation, just like any other medicine, and then don’t expect to see results over night either.

The key is trying not to get “high” off of it, while still taking it consistently enough, and eating right, and in a controlled way. That’s via very controlled dosing, and without even having to think about it much. Read the dosage information page very clearly, and as

I am thinking about when to do it again, But the key again is to try to not get “high” off of it. Read the dosage information page again carefully. It’s all about very controlled dosage so that you don’t even have to think about it, and then just letting it do its work in your system. Any medicine has to be taken in a very controlled way at moderate dosage, and dont expect it to work overnight. Again, read the dosage page carefully. It’s not going to work over night, but if this doesn’t, then I don’t have a clue what would. It’s amazing medicine!


Check out this new documentary on western medicine called “Doctored”. Should provide some motivation to get into a healthy lifestyle (and maybe see a chiropractor). (for amazon prime users) (for free)


Haven’t been here in awhile and figured I’d check in. I’m almost 7 years out and my dick still gets pale, cold, and shrunk all the time. I still continue to have horrible rashes all around my inner thigh and butt which dermatologists can’t figure out. My guess is it could be gut related, and when sugar feeds bad bacteria, it then explodes into a fungal rash down below. I found a way to have decent sex with a mix of alcohol, weed, and viagra - sometimes I don’t need the alcohol but it helps with libido. If I’m hungover the next morning, I can have much better sex.

Anything new going on in the last 2 years in terms of studies, recoveries, theories? Anyone know that forum pfsers went to to discuss supposedly controversial topics. I think it was started by some guy that wrote essay long posts and was trying thousands of crazy drugs. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

PS - In terms of what I’m currently doing to heal: I’ve been eating marijuana edibles almost every night for the last 6 months which is much healthier for the body than smoking. I haven’t noticed substantial changes but I’m much more confident going out with girls now. I am also getting way more morning and nocturnal erections than before. I also eat vegan and mostly vegetables for almost every meal of the week but I do get the munchies really bad and break down on the weekends.


I believe that you’re referring to, started by Enden.


I just wanted to update here that I will be doing a short cannabis suppository protocol with cannabis oil that is about to expire. I am doing this because I want this experiment done before I do a protocol with an holistic doctor whose taken a bunch of urine/blood tests which I’ll post here soon. I’ll be taking nystatin with a plethora of supplements.


I made a cannabis oil out of a mostly CBD strain, a 1:1 CBD to THC strain, and a THC strain. The first week I took it, I experienced improvements like never before. Libido was back more than ever. I was able to get erection at night just thinking about women which I hadn’t been able to do much at all the past 7 years. Every morning I had the hardest erections I ever had and my penis had its normal color and texture rather than wrinkled and pale. Then a few days ago I ate a carob and a cashew butter protein bar with the last ingredient in one of them being coconut oil and my prostate started to burn immediately. No morning erection the next morning or libido. What happened? Not sure if I just had a mini crash or what but I’m sticking to the protocol and I hope I’ll be back to where I started.


The one time I Vaped from a THC capsule (around 12%) I reacted more or less like you

Has your sleep also improved?