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Fellow travelers on this path to healing,

I have been through quite a bit and don’t wish to explain myself until later, but in the meantime I wish to post some things I come across here. It would be a wonderful idea if we could have the option of posting in a private members only section where we can discuss all we wish.

Here is a link to a food source rich in probiotics - … kraut.html

The editor of this site is in a recent movie called “Hungry for Change” - its definitely worth a look just for some inspiration in changing your diet.


I bought a jar of sauerkraut awhile ago and it’s just sat in the cupboard. I guess I just can’t bring myself to eat it when I already feel shitty enough.


You have to make it yourself. The long fermentation process gives it all its probiotics.


Is there anyone here claiming he got better by introducing food rich in probiotics in his diet ? I have read post by Dr Art Ayers and his inflammation theory on pfs, but introducing fermented vegetables, like he suggests, hasn’t changed absolutely anything in my case… Although, i have to admit, i haven’t stopped carb consumption, but he himself says it needs to be reduced, not completely abandoned.


Although I have my concerns about writing this, I have put them aside so that I can share with you guys my experience with thc oil. I wish this forum could be a positive sanctuary where we share ideas and respect each other but it’s really starting to get strange with all the negativity and censoring. I also know people know me on this site but apparently there is no way of hiding or coming back as a new user so I am forced to restrain myself from posting certain things. To those people who know me here, it would only be fair if you let me know (that goes for you Gavin – I knew last summer what you meant when you kept saying you’re the gumshoe). It only adds to my paranoia thinking of people being able to check up on my status secretly over many years.

Anyway I will start by first reposting this article I came across about neurogenesis a while back - This led me on a journey to try thc oil in many forms (the coconut oil one I made as a safer alternative to RSO became unbearable to swallow after a week jsyk). I finally made what I thought was RSO with a heavy indica strain and a hybrid strain with naphtha because according to this Italian solvent study - - naphtha extracts the most amount of thc out of all the solvents; and the argument that the others are better because they retain more terepenes is null when there is such little left of them anyway since they burn up almost instantly when heated.

I began by slowly titrated up on the oil until I was probably consuming more than an eighth of weed a day over a four week period. This is pretty insane if you think about it. During this time I tried to abstain from alcohol and eat a healthy diet, but unfortunately my roommate broke up with his girlfriend and I felt the need to cheer him up by inviting him to a party. I couldn’t help but drink and what proceeded was a complete blackout which luckily only my closest friends witnessed after we left the party. I don’t know what I said and my friends avoided telling me so I became increasingly paranoid. I believe your setting and diet are crucial during these kinds of “ceremonies” and you need to either keep to yourself or interact with people who know your condition and who you can trust.

By week 3 I was becoming increasingly cold intolerant which I believe is a sign my estrogen was sky high because I also wasn’t doing well with my sides. Weed usually tends to make me feel colder, and being on such a high dose, I began to think maybe since THC is the female side of the plant too much of it for us could be a bad thing. I was starting to read into everything very deeply. Almost like I could read my friend’s and family’s thoughts and remember strange events that shaped my life. I started talking to myself and possibly in my sleep. I began to notice sugar was having a bad effect on me and I had this urge to get out of my surroundings as I felt they were negatively impacting my treatment. I thought my roommates were listening in on me during my sleep because I noticed them sitting in the living room quietly with the TV turned off when I would wake up to go to pee during the middle of the night which for them was earlier since I was going to sleep around 10pm (I was sleeping almost 10 hours a night on the oil).

I finally decided to cold turkey the oil after the fourth week because I had another blackout while drinking over thanksgiving break and had no idea what happened. I tried to smoke weed to sleep but now my tolerance was so high that even a gram smoked continuously didn’t have any effect. By the 3rd day I was desperate for sleep so I tried to go back on the oil and titrate down. It didn’t work and on top of that I was beginning to get massive brain fog and I was unable to work. Strangely at the same time, I had these moments of euphoria where I realized many things about the way I had been living the past few years. It was like a veil was being uncovered and all of a sudden I had this positive outlook on life that I never had before even with all the bad shit going on.

I discovered what seemed like a revelation. After all this time I had been doing THC oil, the female side of the plant, when I should be trying the male side, CBD; or even possibly trying a 1:1 ratio of thc to cbd which in mind I was thinking would help equalize my hormone profile. CBD after all is made from the male plant of cannabis called hemp. Rick Simpson even calls his oil “hemp oil”. I also began to think about Rick and what resources he had available to him back in the 90s when he was doing this. He probably had the same strain as what here in America was prevalent in the 60s which was a much mellower high consisting of what I believe were strains high in CBD. I immediately set out on a search to find CBD oil. I eventually found a place that sold plus CBD oil - and I got one of their strongest ones having no idea what the affect or dosage would be and the people selling it didn’t know either. Within an hour of taken a dap of this stuff I was smelling again, thinking again, and feeling again like I did so so many years ago. It was pure bliss. I drove around town for another 6 hours just enjoying myself. This stuff also makes time feel like it has slowed down. I got home and discovered sensitivity returned to my penis which I had thought was lost forever. I was ecstatic but unfortunately I was still desperate for sleep and during this time I had already started ambien. This would turn out to be a big mistake.

The next day I was feeling out of it but I wanted to get more of the oil for the coming weeks. I went out to get some and this is where real weird shit began to happen. I believe the combination of thc withdrawal and the ambien made me have day time hallucinations or at least I hope. Maybe these events were schizophrenic but somehow I remember them pretty clearly. Long story short I had a very tough time getting to the place that sold the oil as I was completely disoriented and unable to control my bladder. Even though I managed to get more of the oil, I noticed yesterday’s incredible affects were gone as I continued to consume more.

The next day I tried to do research on the cbd oil for sleep with all kinds of information – one telling me to dose cbd in the morning and thc at night while another said best way to get sleep on cbd is to get a 1:1 -

Now what followed was a trip of a life time that let’s just say didn’t go quite well. Either the ambien I was on made me have day time hallucinations which I can remember vividly or something else; but I will never be able to tell this story because I believe I was in a place I shouldn’t have been especially alone. When I got home, I was finally able to ditch the ambien and get back on weed which I then had abstained from for 3 weeks and I believe that was enough time for the huge amounts of thc to get out of my fat cells. That night I experienced a 100% recovery. Like nothing in the last 4 years. All sides reversed and more, and I slept for 10 hours. Unfortunately this again had its honey moon period but I had another revelation of sorts. THC is a powerful antifungal. It appears that many of the things we do that make us feel better has to deal with neurogenesis and antifungals. For instance the spinach, broccoli, and asparagus diets all made me feel much better but only for a short period again just like what we refer to as the honeymoon effect.
I know how hated this topic is but we must consider it. This might not be the main cause of our problems but could be why some of us experience much harsher sides due to our immune system being more compromised. Could we be dealing with a super fungus group that has developed within us during our extreme immune system failure as we crashed. A social and extremely resilient fungus group that may die off almost completely during something like an asparagus diet only to evolve and bring us back to baseline. Fungi are growing rampant in our world today with new kinds of bacteria developing that we can no longer cure with antibiotics. Have a look at this guy -

I have now decided to start a paleo/anti fungal/no sugar diet. I began with a fast before my trip and now am trying to recover with eating only extremely healthy foods but it is pretty difficult. I have trouble gaining weight and muscle and my sides are at their worse but I hope this is a part of the detox process. I need to pick the brain of the cdnuts thread for some help later. I am not quite sure whether to exercise in this state since I ache constantly but I feel like I have to.

What I now believe in is that I must work at getting back to a healthier state with better sleep before I can make any more moves. I will wrap this up with some inspiring documentaries I have come across – - I posted this earlier but this is very inspirational for getting started in changing your diet. - interesting how if you look at the map of PFS people – those countries that ban GMOs have very few – The French are doing surprisingly well even on their shitty diet. - shocking stuff.
And now for what I might pursue thanks to Tommy Chong’s inspiring story: – notice his wife mentions all kinds of marijuana – CBD maybe? I think so.

I want to saw one last thing as I post this. I have gone through so much with this disease that I feel almost invincible. I will try to heal myself or die trying. Know that if I ever disappear without a sign or a detailed note explaining myself, it most likely wasn’t my own doing. There really is something to psychedelics but your setting and mood are crucial. If you are brave enough to try some of these things and wish to discuss it pm me. There is a world of ancient remedies out there for us to try – frog poison, ibogaine, psilocybin, peyote, mdma, ayahausca. I can’t try these things alone again right now but I hope in the future with a trusted companion with me, I will set out to try some of these things.


Funny I just got my cbd oil and saw this post. I have done lots of psychedelics in the past. Im planning an ayahuasca trip as well with my friends.


I saw something about people getting addicted to Ambien and using it more or less like a drug, and they were mentioning something about hallucinations, so it’s quite possible there was some interaction.


I never took any drugs till I was stupid enough to try Propecia. Everything I have tried since has either not helped at all or made shit worse. That includes Ambien and THC ect. I would avoid this type of experimentation at all costs.


Very, very low carbs/ paleo diet, tons of vegetables has been really life changing. I recommend that diet.

#10 - this is what the second Amber Lyon podcast with Duncan Trussell should have been.


Now I want to point out I’m not stupid enough to think ayahuasca is going to grow my hair back like duncan jokes about at 1:30:50 but then listen to what amber says right after about ed. There is definitely something to this powerful medicine that has even helped war veterans deal with ptsd. I believe that the severity of my sides stems from the epigentic affects that occurred when I stopped propecia. When I had a gf and stopped propecia for 5 weeks, I didn’t experience a crash. Then after breaking up with my gf of four years, moved to a new city with a different climate, and started a grueling and depressing job, I stopped taking propecia after a night of impotence - 5 weeks later I crashed. I feel like ayahuasca can heal trauma and give you a new outlook on life. I certainly have a much more positive and spiritual one after doing thc oil and this is huge step in the healing process. I need to do more research but frog poison really interests me too - its suppose to be an extreme immune booster.


Be careful with things such as coconut oil, as this is a 5ar inhibitor. 5ar inhibitors can make you improve during a couple of days, and then make you crash.

I don’t know about the other things you tried, but everytime you try or eat something new, be extremely cautious.


I wouldn’t worry about coconuts because they are a 5ar inhibitor. There is a vast world of chemicals in our body that modern science doesn’t even have a clue about. Instead I focus on eating whats local and in season if I can. Probably drinking coconut water in the dead of winter way up north is a strange experience for the body so I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I’d like to share another interesting thing I’ve come across to those of you going the natural route to healing - … ation.html. I think this is very important.


Are you a doctor, biologist, Hakim or ayurvedic or what? what is your source of information? how can you sound like an expert here?
Coconut is eaten largely in Bangladesh, India, Srilanka, pakistan and many other countries. By your judgement these people should be dead. it is food here. Saw palmetto or Finasteride or Dutesteride not food. you can not compare oranges with apples.
please wathch this

Sri Lanka’s tree of life
In Sri Lanka, the coconut is, in a sense, a source of life. Not only it is the main ingredient in most Sri Lankan dishes, but the entire coconut tree — from the roots to the coconut itself to the tips of the leaves — plays a major role in the non-culinary ways of life. Without the coconut, things in Sri Lanka would be very different.

watch this whole here


First of all, I am a little bit surprised by your irritability, I do not even know who you are, so please moderate your tone.

The reason I asked him to be careful is because people with PFS and the rest of the people are clearly two different groups. We are affected by things most people won’t get affected by. I say this not only based on my own experience but also on the advice of Awor, who has been working on PFS for a while now. I crashed after eating foods with 5ar inhibitor, and Awor himself also had a very bad experience with Milk Thistle (a 5ar inhibitor who wouldn’t harm any healthy person).

As for the coconut oil being a 5ar inhibitor, you can find this info in different places, such as the wikipedia page for “5-alpha-reductase inhibitor”. … _inhibitor

Obviously, you cannot compare coconut oil with finasteride, but remember that people who already have PFS are very sensitive to 5ar inhibitors.

A long time ago I decided to stop posting in this forum (this has been my first post in a long time). The reason I did this is because I only saw people attacking each other and creating theories based on google. After reading your last comment, I realize how good my decision was, so I will continue abstaining from this forum as much as I can.


I am pleased to hear that you are not riding on the homebrew insanity carousel. Even though you probably have already considered this and taken appropiate action, I urge you to donate to the foundation and participate in studies. The Baylor study, which is collecting a broad range of data, is still looking for participants. This is a disgrace, as they have been looking for only 2 dozen people since October 2013.

Thanks for your support against the medieval bias on this forum.



His path to healing.

What kind of bs is this thread really.

I have to remind you guys: There is no known path to healing. The thread title implies something, which doesnt actually exist in this form.

These thread titles are truly insane.

You can rub your balls in oil if you like, however participating in studies undertaken at Baylor might be more effective over the short and long term.


Fellow travelers on this path to healing???



What path?

Do you posses a secret cure???

Fellow travelers, yesterday I rubed my anus with 1 drop of coconut oil. On the next day I think my libido was higher and I had halluciniations.

You cant make this shit up.

Hilarious, no wonders nobody is taking this condition seriously.


Pvdl, didn’t you say you were leaving the forum?


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