My most effective solution for cognitive symptoms and libido so far- BUTTER!

Hey guys. Just a brief report of what I found to be very effective for maintaining clear cognitive function / clear vision / free from brainfog, etc.

I want to first note that I’m seriously lactose-intolerant, but I just used butter because worst I can get is stomach upset. And my goal is to cure the PFS and maintain full cognitive function.

I just wrote for the first time on this website several hours ago about the things that I found over time, effective for treating PFS.

And currently, exercising every day made me gain some muscle and it made me deplete energy earlier in the evening, so I was looked for healthy fat that I can consume since I am having 40 g of coconut oil daily and getting more than 40 g on daily basis made my heart ache when I was running.

Stuff like oilve oil and nuts were off the list long time ago since they hinder my cognitive function. (All food with high phytoestrogen content does this, at least in my case)
Butter seemed like the best option for me, so I started eating about 30 g of butter a day and it was good as a calorie supplement.

Then I remembered, that dairy was something to be avoided for my hair. I searched online for the reason, and found out that was because of the DHT content in milk - what the drugs inhibit. So I did a little experiment - I had 120 g of butter that evening to see what happens.

The conclusion? Found out that butter’s the single best thing for that works for my PFS. My stomach did get upset the next day but my brain was clearer than ever. (I track it every day, every waking hour because I’m in college and I major in science which requires me to solve mathematics and science problem, quite a lot of them) And my libido increased as well.

Will any of you try this as well and share how it is for you? I will also upload the butter that I use. Nothing special about this butter, but it’s an aged butter that has lower lactose content than fresh butter like Anchor.

I just came back home from school… Tired as hell and I gotta go to sleep.


I take butter with milk its ok, butter can help because it has fat, but also had some demylathng agent I dk.

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Simple: butter increases DHT. It’s all about the saturated fats.

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Sorry, butter with coffee not with milk, I dont tolerate calcium.

i eat 600g of raw grass fed butter a week and its delicious using with carnivore diet for 3 weeks now will stay on this diet for the whole year its an easy diet to follow / Saturated fats are needed for men

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Try organic grass fed cows or lamb. Best food ever.

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i eat lots of both just finished lamb heart and a ribeye steak . the butter is their to add good fats also vitamin k2 which is very important

Good luck im in the same train.

What about bulletproof coffee:


I might try this recipe. Drinking ghee (clarified grass fed butter) may help us.

Then how come proviron doesn’t cure everyone if it is about raising DHT?


Some PFS guys benefit from increasing DHT, others get worse. If butter helps, then small doses of proviron would help too. But proviron is obviously much stronger and you need to be careful with the dosage.


I’m trying it soon. I’ll keep you posted.

What you want is GHEE instead of butter. Think of it as butter concentrate without the negative dairy aspects…


hey mate… I went on a high vegan diet and developed pfs/pas like symptoms.

My diet was high in vegetables, veggie soups (vitamin a), and I lost weight fast. I believe I gave myself Vitamin A toxicity, and for some reason can not fix it. Possibly the rapid weight loss impaired my bile flow and put me in a vicious cycle.

I was reading an ebook about vitamin a not being a vitamin and actually being toxic…
I found this piece in the book about the toxicity and how it was cured with BUTTER!

‘’ However, what I hope to show you later, is that Mori was indeed correct.
It was not some deficiency condition ailing these children at all. Rather it
was a poisoning, and the additional butter fat in their diet was emulsifying
and therefore protecting them from it "

"Most effective solution for my PFS so far- BUTTER!


can I get you thoughts ?

Vitamin A in large QTY is toxic.

I eat lots of ghee (100-150 gr a day) and around 300-500 gr of meat a day plus some low carbs leafy greens and less than 20 gr of carbs from rolled oat before bed (to lower cortisol and sleep better). Not exactly your type of diet (quite the opposite) but I’m more than 90% symptom free and inflammation is very low.
I do take vitamin A supplements and spinach (which has a lot of vitamin A). I believed it helped me get back some sensitivity when having sex.

I also suggest taking ghee, at least 1-2 tbsp a day. Some butyrate supplement is good too (butyric acid) and a very low carbs diet (less than 20 gr) along with lots of fat will have your body make lots of BetaHydroxyButyrate. Butyrate and BHB contributes to repair some of the damage done to our DNA and epigenetic, according to some research I posted on the Ketogenesis and Fat Adaptation Thread.

Beware, people have warned against vitamin A as it has made people worst before.


Anyone else think this is interesting? He’s lactose intolerant, yet dairy improves his PFS. Similar to how illnesses such as Flu improve our PFS (temporarily, albeit).

More evidence of immune system weakening helping PFS people.

Hormones regulate immune system , AR and ER also. So we returning to AR , ER dysregulation/silencing theory

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Well, the immune system must regulate the androgen receptors as well then. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel better with the Flu, and immediately after taking Baking Soda.