My life is ruined with only 3 doses of finasteride

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown and white rice
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken breasts
  • Steak (No steak sauce!!!)
  • Bell peppers
  • Chobani probiotic yogurt
  • Egg
  • Only water
  • Apple

I had major digestive issue, which prevented me from eating whatever I wanted. Through trial-and-error, I found that the above foods were what my stomach could handle.
I’m slowly introducing more foods into my diet. I drank a bit of green tea today to see if I have any issues. So far so good.

Hopefully, that elevated heart rate goes away on its own. It took 6 weeks for it to go away for me.
Whenever those jackasses at /r/tressless talk about PFS being just stress, they’re partially correct. I believe that finasteride causes our body to enter some kind of stress-mode that we don’t have any control over and we get a flood of cortisol or adrenaline. You then get hit with a bunch of stress-related symptoms.
Once these hormones are back to normal, your body then recovers.


This is awesome news brother!

I too feel a little bit better today for some reason, however im still early in the process 3 weeks out.

But your detailed information about your progress gives me hope that maybe my tinnitus was diminish a little when time passes!

Im sticking around here, will give updates whenever I seem to notice any differences.

Sweet thank you. Yeah it seems my appetite and weight has regulated itself (in the beginning I’d gorge myself and never get full and then bloat) so that gives me hope that my hormonal imbalances are correcting themselves slowly. And I also notice a correlation between feeling relaxed and increased sexual function so I do think cortisol or adrenaline are culprits too.

One last thing.

I got a ton of sunlight for the past 2 months. I got a nice room in my house that gets sunlight during the afternoon, so I use that room while I’m working at home during the weekday.

I went outside every Saturday and Sunday and got sun exposure between 1 PM - 4 PM.

Not sure if it helped my recovery or not, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Edit: Actually, I do recall that my scalp itch went down drastically whenever I got sunlight.

thanks for the update, how long are you off fin now?

Going to hit my 2 month mark in a couple of days.

These 2 months were hell. All that bullshit from doctors and merck shills on tressless about finasteride being just a sugar pill with a 90% success rate really got me. I’m really angry. I’m so fucking angry that I and potentially hundreds of thousands of people have to experience this.

The derm who misdiagnosed my female pattern baldness for male pattern baldness and then prescribed finasteride continues to lie about not seeing any PFS patients. When I tried to reach out to him for help, he ghosted me. Absolutely despicable.

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i hope that in a few weeks time i can share a similar success story as yours brother.
these days indeed feel like hell and you went through hell and back.

keep us updated, stories like this give people hope that things can change in time.

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Good luck, man. Recoveries can be sudden, like a switch flipped. You’re going to feel so happy when that day comes.


@WorriedGuy123 did you experience hair loss or thinning hair sides and back of scalp (more than usual) after quitting fin? Can you give a update on this.

Yep. The shedding has slowed down dramatically from what I was shedding 6 weeks ago. All the hairs I shed on the sides and neck have a whitish color on the end, meaning that they were in the telogen phase and were going to fall out eventually.

I’ll let you know if those hairs come back, but it could take months.

hmm interesting…

Reason that I asked you is because today I trimmed the sides and back of my scalp and the hairs seem thinner than before using fin.

Thanks for letting me know, I hope that the quality of the hairs dont get worse.

Do you get zits and scalp itch?

I still get a few zits and very slight itch on the sides and back of my scalp that shows up from time-to-time, but it was incredibly bad 6 weeks ago. The itch back then was almost unbearable. Here’s to hoping that this is the final scalp breakout.

Did you have an itchy scalp pre-fin?

The last 3 days i do have a slight itch on my scalp. Luckily not so many zits, noticed one small zit today on the back of my scalp,

BTW, the tinnitus sound in my left ear seems to get a lot quieter today

Only if I didn’t shower for 2 days straight.
I think there’s also a possibility that we’ll never be 100% recovered. I’m slowly coming to terms with that, but as long as you can recover to the point where you’re not bothered by PFS, I think that is a success.

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i guess your right.

I am grateful that I dont have anymore cognitive issues, so at least I am able to do my work properly you know.

Notice that the skin on my arm looks dryer than pre-fin en this frickin tinnitus in my left ear. If I can get rid of the tinnitus i will be a happy camper.

It’s great that you can do your job. The scariest part about this drug wasn’t the accelerated hair shed. It was definitely the headaches and memory issues that prevented me from doing my job well.

Does your tinnitus stay throughout the day or does it come and go? I noticed that I haven’t had a ringing for the past 2 days, so I do believe it gets better over time.

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Exactly! The first 3 weeks were hell, because of the brain pressure, fog and anxiety, couldnt focus.

Till today tinnitus was almost at a constant pace. However today I did notice the tinnitus left for a few minutes (perhaps 10 or so) and came back but much less prevalent than before.

My doctor gave me a nosespray with corticosteriods Tuesday which i am using, im not sure if its due to this nosespray though.

I can say for certain that the volume became definitely less than lets say last week.

Has your brain fog gone completely?

yes it did

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@WorriedGuy123, @telpek

I have a question, did or do you have a dull and achy feeling behind your eardrum in combination with the tinnitus.

In my case its only my left ear and I have like a dull/full feeling behind the eardrum whenever the tinnitus flares up. Feels like some kind of inflammation in the inner ear/cochlea.