My last Remaining Symptom 4 years post Fin is Pleasureless Orgasm

I can easily get a Boner but when I ejaculate its like im taking a piss.
Like the nerves there are dead.

I have no orgasmic feeling , not even a little bit .

I have almost no connection between Penis and Brain.

Im 25 , what should I do?

Same although at times I can get a small degree of pleasure - actually the more emotionally attracted I am to someone

No big answer I’m afraid , wish I did

I could have been the one writing this post.

No idea what to do though. I’m scheduled for a MRI and also a nerve check with a neurologist.

Hopefully they would be able to diagnose me after that.

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Have you consulted a urologist?

What were all your symptoms?

Good luck to you

I have the same symptom too, and it is 100% feel nothing every orgasm and its been around 7-8 years…I dont understand how people have symptons that come and go


Which are your current symptoms after 8 years?
Have you improved?

Do you have genital numbness as well? Like you can feel some pressure, but no sexual pleasure?
And if you lost the connection between penis and brain, how do you get a boner easily?

I share very similar experience. And I also wonder whether my nerves are still fine.

No I cant feel anything , only mechanical.

I think our nervs are okay because 1 or 2 Times in the last 4 years i had the full orgasm back like before fin.
But this lasted only a day or two.

I dont know what to do.

And I can get a boner only when I stimulate mechanical…

Yep, that’s pretty much like my case. I’m sorry you’ve been struggnig with this for 4 years.

I don’t even know how it’s possible. Before I crashed into permanent state like this, I had two similar brief episodes. Both times, I reverted back to completely normal in a matter of a few days.
I believe our bodies still can recover and the damage isn’t actually permanent.

Bumping this one as this is possibly my last remaining symptom as well

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in that 4 year period, have you had dry skin and stopped sweating? if yes, have these symptoms improved?