My Last Post - recovered and doing better than ever

Hi fellow Forum Members,

Firstly, I hope all of you are doing well and continue to push through the tough times.

I’ve wanted to return to this forum many times to report the amazing milestones I’ve been experiencing in my recovery, however have refrained from doing so in order to avoid premature claims of recovery. The past few months have been one of the most transformative and successful periods of my life and this all comes down to the habits and regimens I have refined after 7 years of recovery.

Currently, I’m 22 years old, in my 2nd year of university. I’ve maintained the highest average possible in my 1st semester and plan to build upon that in my final exams. I feel clear, calm and collected. Anxiety and social isolation have nearly vanished from my life and I’ve never felt more connected to friends and family. What you may all want to hear is that I’m now seeing several women, heck I have 3 dates lined up for this week alone. I’m also having regular sex with them, i.e going on a night out, getting home for the first session and the next morning again. Libido is very healthy and I’ve become a man who craves intimacy and sex every day…sometimes even so much that it distracts me from other important things in life. I recently took a step back and did some self-reflection and actually couldn’t believe where I’m at in my life now, by no means am I satisfied…. have plenty plans for the future, but I’m proud of myself for reaching this point.

I’d like to clarify that I’ve been this way for 2 months now, which imo is a viable amount of time to claim that I’m recovered.

What I mean by recovered:

  • Regular sex accompanied by a healthy libido
  • Daily morning wood, yes every single day, hard as a rock
  • Mental Clarity
  • Strong and Aesthetic Body
  • Defined Jawline and Male Characteristics
  • Social comfort and charisma, quick wit and jokes
  • Strong emotions, but emotional control at the same time

What I believe made me reach this state:

Gym : I know Cdnuts is controversial but he got it right with the gym. I’ve been hitting the gym religiously 6/7 days a week and it has had an immense impact on all areas of my life. I can relieve stress, I look good, I feel good and it gives me a sense of achievement every single day. Especially when hitting legs, it makes me feel amazing.

Clean and Consistent Diet: I promised myself to eat clean in 2022 and I’ve managed to maintain that with a few slip ups (you gotta enjoy yourself sometimes). I eat a diet high in animal fat and easily digested carbs and it has worked wonders for my digestion. High fat minced beef, white rice, kefir (fermented milk drink), egg yolks (and the egg shells for calcium), some citrus fruits and some pasta when I feel like it. I don’t restrict myself when I go out, so I do indulge in pizza, burgers etc occasionally. Most importantly = enough animal fat and protein.

No porn and ejaculation unless you’re with a woman: I think this one has taken the longest to master but it took me this long to truly realise why it’s so important. Watching porn is NOT natural end of discussion. Once you’ve got consistent sex with real woman again the lust/addictive urge to porn really doesn’t bother you anymore. A true man knows how to master his urges and doesn’t give in to them. If you have time for it, then you aren’t doing enough in other areas of life. PS: By no means am I an angel and I’m still tempted a lot…but when I take a step back and really think about what I’m doing I realise that there are 0 benefits.

Sleep: BIG, Big, big factor in my recovery! Yeah When I was younger it was cool to stay awake all night and play videogames and watch youtube etc. but at this age I finally realised how important it is. I try to get at least 8h a night (which also means going to bed early and waking up early). Especially if our bodies are already out of whack from the substances we took. I’m aware a lot of guys struggle with sleep on here and I will touch on this in the next section.


This is a tricky one because many have helped me temporarily and I’ve mentioned these in my previous posts. However, I don’t take risks nowadays anymore, I stick to what works and ignore any “new” potential “cure”.

My recovery stack:

Magnesium Citrate = Best Supplement! Had a tremendous positive impact on the quality of sleep and blood flow to the penis. Take this religiously every day. 2 x 650mg = 100% elemental Mag.

L-Tryptophan = (220mg) Take according to feeling, excellent aid for mental clarity and calmness

Nicotinamide/Niacinamide = (100mg) G.O.A.T supplement, always helps me when I feel overmethylated, helped cure my ED and Premature Ejaculation…also boosted my libido (take occasionally)

Ginko Biloba = (120mg of 50:1 extract) take rarely for mental focus at university

Cialis = If I know I’m having several session with a lady I will take 2.5mg (tiny amount) and I can go all day. Highly recommended (only use if really necessary)

Rule NR1 with supplements = less is more!

Journaling: This is responsible for my motivation and drive to keep pushing and manifesting my goals. I urge you all to look into it and start right now. Excellent tool to reflect on every day and write down what happened, gratitude, goals etc. I also now have a detailed log of regimens and supplements I took every single day, which allowed me to pinpoint what was actually helping me recover. Thus, allowing me to compile my final regimen.

That’s it

Now I did not write this with the intention of preaching the ultimate cure, but it is what has helped me live a great life now in my early 20s…even for normal standards. I’m grateful everyday for finally beeing able to enjoy my life with no demons in the back of my mind.

Hope this will help you guys keep up the hope and never give up!


This will be my last post on this forum as the time has come to move on


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