My last post. I consider myself cured. I thank you all for your help and wish you the best

I took fin for 3 months, discontinued and faced the next 11 months in the most severe condition I’ve ever been in.

I had no libido. Brain fog to the point of feeling mentally disabled. Anxiety that was so bad I couldn’t look people in the eyes without getting light headed.

I am a drug user. I love psychedelics. I kept tripping after the damage fin caused me and slowly saw my mental kingdom become destroyed. Where psychedelics used to provide me with images of God’s and goddesses, they became replaced with skeletons and demons. From there, my visuals slowly degraded further into broken visuals. Forms that would have looked like complex figures turned into mooshy abstract things. It felt like my brain was literally melting by my last trip. I contribute this solely to finasteride damage, as I have been using these for years and before fin never had a problem. It saddens me greatly that I’ll probably never trip again because of the fear it causes me now. I saw my inner world transform from beautiful into a dysfunctional ugly mess. It’s a miracle that I have my wits about me still.

I tried multiple treatments to help my fin sides.

Vitamin b’s, a, e, iodine, salt, multivitamins, omega, more dht inhibitors (because obviously that was gonna help/s). Fasting, other drugs like MDMA (which provided short term relief at best). Masutrbating, not masturbaring. Removing blue light. Removing sugar. Exercising. I browsed this God damn site so much that I felt utterly helpless.

NOTHING HELPED. Until recently.

I took zinc and notice some improvement. Some. Very minor.

B6 helped a bit more.

Then magnesium glycinate. Magnesium saved me. I must have been horribly deficient. Within the first days of taking it, I felt relief. I started feeling drive, I started gaining muscle back, I started feeling happy. I can feel emotions again. I always tried my best to socialize but I couldn’t feel. Now that I can feel, my art, my relationships, everything is so improved. I feel alive. I can sympathize with people again because I can feel. Everyone I socialize with now seem so lively and happy to be around me. I cannot express how happy this makes me.

My tips to you from my experience:

Get your base vitamins. Deficiencies cause HELL. And you are probably deficient. Multivitamins don’t always help. I actually feel like they made me worse.

DON’T, alter your hormones again. Clomid, inhibitors, steroids, will not help. It will only unbalance you more.

Your mind is powerful, but also stupid. Try stepping back from your internal thoughts. Don’t use your inner voice, don’t talk inside your head. I don’t know why, but this helped me so much.

Your libido doesn’t mean anything if you provoke it from a place of anxiety or dependence. You don’t need to feel like you need to masturbate. That’s not libido. You will know when your libido is strong when women start illiciting feelings again. Don’t try to force yourself to feel emotion. It doesn’t work.

If I were to advise you on where to start, I’d start with supplementing magnesium. Your shits might be gross from supplementing magnesium, but it’s worth it. (I reccomend glycinate, magnesium citrate gave me horrible ibs and oxide isn’t very bioavailable.)

Zinc is good, but don’t supplement too much of it. 25 mg a day is fine. It increased my appetite to a healthy degree but I quit taking zinc after I felt I had gained what I could from it.

Overall, don’t give up. Never give up. I still browse this site from time to time to check in, but I am distancing myself from it more because I want to move on.

And one last thing, do not focus on what you could be or what you lost, focus on improving your baseline. Everytime you improve your baseline, you progress further and after a while your baseline will be optimal.

That’s it. I wish you all the best. Please do take care of yourselves.


Hey, congrats man. What was your dosage if you don’t mind me asking ?

Im happy for you, however, 99% of men on this web site, who went down the same road, could easily say, that healing isn’t as simple as taking zinc and magnesium. But I’m glad it worked out for you.


I also feel better when I take zinc. In fact - much better. My libido is stronger and I get morning erections. I only take 7.5 to 15mg. I imagine I would feel even better if I take more. I stopped taking it a couple of months ago and I have deteriorated significantly. My hair is also falling off at a much faster rate now that I am off zinc. From what I have read zinc mirrors the action of finasteride in inhibiting 5a-reductase.

I’ve gone through countless hours experimenting with supplements, magnesium was the thing that finally got me back. As I said in the post, I was working towards a better baseline. That’s the goal, always.

400mg when I first started.

@Down Do you maintain your recovery when you get off Mg an Zinc and stay off for multiple months?

Interesting you say that. Zinc in combination with a mega dose of b6 inhibits dht up to 90%, so that is something to note.

And I haven’t been off for multiple months, but I’ve noticed after a couple weeks of not taking magnesium when I finally do take it I feel calmer and sleep better. Nothing crazy, but I maintain pretty well with or without it.

I have to agree it does all seem unlikely maybe it was more a case of natural recovery rather than down to zinc etc …
I’ve taken high doses of zinc and B6 it made no difference to me at all.
All that matters is your out of this madness and things are on the up
Good luck with the future mate


I thought Zinc could be dangerous for us, but I can’t find the information on the forum.


I don’t know mate with all the contradiction on this forum along with endless protocols that rarely ever work for anyone other than the guy that posts the info no wonder none of us are sure about anything.
You would think that by this stage we would have some real concrete information and protocols set in stone rather than going round and round in circles trying anything and everything which probably does more harm than good.
It’s great to see a someone be in a position to just walk away from all of this I wish him the best of luck all the way.


Sounds as though this chap has got better and feels bettered enough to resume with a normal life, that’s cool I’m unsure whether it is cure but it is positive

I understand the suspicion but I do want to say that I posted this in general discussion because it is simply my story. I am not trying to deceive or tote some false cure, as I know you are all accustomed to by now.

I hope to return in a few months and post an update on life and my condition. Until then, I wish you all the best.


@Down not sure why most are focusing on your brief mention of Zinc, as your post clearly attributes your improvement to Magnesium intake.

Are you still considering yourself largely recovered? If so, how many months has it been? Are you still taking magnesium? Just a general update might be interesting.

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Hello Down - how is it going these days? Still mended? Hopefully so! Let us know?

Congratulation for your recovery.

I’ve been taking fin for 20 years, started having insomnia after 15 years, and began supplementing with magnesium, 450 mg daily. 3 years prior to stopping fin, which I did almost a year and a half ago. I never stopped magnesium and I’m also taking zinc and some vitamins.

Either it is really the case that we are so different that what cures one does nothing for the other or it could be that time just made you better, although you were magnesium deficient and felt better when you took it.

Same goes for me. I had tremendous success with an almost zero carbs carnivore / ketogenic diet and 15 months later almost all symptoms are gone. Or it could be that aside from pfs, I was suffering from too much carbs, doing the diet helped that problem and time helped me recover from pfs. Who knows ?

I wish, .like many of us, that I could come up with a universal recipe that would heal everyone. But it seems the solution is more illusive and there might not be a fit for all cure, but rather some made to measure ones.

Thats kinda like saying I wish you the best as I shit on your chest…

I do acknowledge that magnesium and zinc could have cured him. I’m just pointing out that I took both for 4 years and it didn’t cure me. I’m happy another one of us recovered. Is it really important

Think positive man. There’s hope for all of us. Recovery stories keep poping up !
I just read a post that said losing weight was decreasing gene methylation, so the body really does have the ability to de-methylate genes. that’s good news !

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