My hormone profile e2

so i did my hormone profile and got some really shit results that indicate of hormonal imbalance.

I was on fin for 3 months. Symptoms started after one week of usage. Now 17 months after stoping still have all symptoms. Nothing mental of physical but a lot of sexual mainly severe penile shrinkage. 23 years old.

i do have high testosteron and i will guess it because 5ar deficiency.

(cortisol - 401 - (102-535
(dhea so4 - 11.95 - (6.50 - 14.60
(E2 - 192.47 - (40-162
(FSH - 2.29 - (0.95 - 12.00
(Insulin - 21.60 - (2.00 - 20.00
(LH - 3.62 (0.50 - 12.00
(progesterone - 1.58 - (0.10 - 0.64
(proclatin - 175.03 - (50 - 380
(free androgen ratio - 53.68 - (30-150
LAST WEEK IT WAS 38.00 (TESTOSTERON - 32.21 (5.80 - 32.00
(free testosteron - 81.70 - (8.00-90.00
(androstenedione - 9.27 - (1.22 - 11.00
(SHBG - 60 (13-71
(TSH - 0.57 - (0.35-4.94
(IGF-1 - 305.90 - (112-360

Ok so my syptoms are only sexual. no mental issues and no physical. only ED, PE, PENILE SHRINKAGE, LOW SEMEN VOLUME, NO MORNING WOOD, ETC

we need to agree that pfs hitting everybody a diffrenet way. i took 5 pills before it started to shrink my penis and i took it for fucking 3 months. encourge by my brother. so i have a really good basis for 5ar deficiency assuming.
the only thing that i dont get is my high insulin and IGF, in general have any ideas what to come with to my ando? can you give your opinions about this test?

welcome, how long are you off fin now?

Im off fin for 17 months of suffering. Nothing improved really, penis just getting smaller and erections and all that shit not changing.

Pffff damn brother, that fin is doing permanent damage its really unbelievable.
Have you tried supplementing or lifestyle changes?

Good job on getting the test and you’re lucky that your complaint is only sexual. Yes your hormones, namely T & E2, seem to be imbalanced. Are you overweight? Body fat%? Best thing to do at this stage (1.5 yrs post fin) is to try to balance things out naturally. Maybe try to lose fat via diet manipulation and workout. High E2 is always better and easier to manage than low E2. I’ve experienced both. Achieving a more healthy E2 level would bring DHT up, theoretically.

Malaysian ginseng (AKA Tongkat Ali) may prove usefulness in your particular case. It binds to SHBG and renders more FT and works to lower E2 in a dose dependent manner. It’s properly the only herb out there that’s supported by scientific literature. That said, there’re a lot of bogus TA products OTC so sourcing a high quality one is necessary. Your numbers are sexy, otherwise :sunglasses:

Im assuming that the high estridol levels caused by 5ar deficiency and its only side effect and not the problem.

If i want to solve the problem entirely in need to
find a way to activate 5a-reductase receptors that inhibated aggresively by finastride and not fight every side-effect solely.

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Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Do you still have hair loss?

Not really, since i took the first pills.

That’s what we all been trying to do brother. Keep us updated on what you do and how it goes :wink:

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Your good news is that you have a symptom and blood test that could resolve by time. Im in same boat with u: my 5ar blocking made my testosterone to convert skyhigh e2 instead of dht direction, derefore i suffered ED, shrinkage, and even muscle loss, and fat deposition. To me (im only in my 5th month of pfs) keto diet helped a lot. By forcing your body to burn its own body fat you cut the trees under your estrogens, helping to reduce your aromatise. Also i added many cruciferous veggies to the diet, which are not only keto friendly and healthy in generall, but accelerate your livers estrogen detox.
I can you recommend these. I improved a lot since, i have gained penile size and ED somewhat back, lost unecessary fat deposition. I didnt check lately, but im sure i mamaged to reduced my high e2 and my dht is back online. Only place i still need my dht to return is my hands skin (somewhat dry) and my hairs sebum production.

If you check out another bloodwork that i did, you will see a significant hormonal improve (although no symptoms relife).
This hormonal improve that accured one week after this test was due higher level of T so why higher T doesnt cause higher estridol?

I havent done nothing, it just improve by itself implaying maybe on one of these two theories - 5ar deficiency or AR silencing cause more T is more activity to convert or recieve.

****** unnatural raise of T levels will not cause the same effect.

The second test:
cortisol - 428 - (102-535
Dhea so4 - 12.21 - (6.50 - 14.60
E2 - 112 - (40-162
FSH - 1.93- (0.95 - 12.00
LH - 3.75 (0.50 - 12.00
Progesterone - 0.92 - (0.10 - 0.64
Free androgen index - 82.44 - (30-150
Testosterone - 38.21 (5.80 - 32.00
androstenedione - 9.27 - (1.22 - 11.00
SHBG - 46.80 (13-71
TSH - 1.30 - (0.35-4.94