My history PFS! 2 months (I used, finasteride, dut, minox and saw palmetto)

Pfs crash 08/28/22

09/18/22 anxiety and weakness meditated

09/22/22 weakness and worried about the heart. I meditated

09/23/22 late afternoon I had depression, went to train and got better. I meditated

09/24/22 I woke up tired and broken I remained the rest of the day broken!

09/25/22 dawn with a warm body and burning sensation in my muscles, I woke up very tired all day tired with a feeling of inflamed body, I went to sleep feeling my body less painful and with much less burning sensation. I meditated

09/26/22 I woke up and had physical sensations in my body, lighter weakness than the day before I went to train and feeling slight burning in the body

09/27/22 I didn’t have a good night’s sleep, I woke up at dawn and having small moments of sleep, burning sensation in the body remains at the end of the afternoon I got better after the walk, I got worse, very tired.

29/09/22 I woke up 2:40 with a hot body, with the sensation of the body fighting an inflammation. I went to sleep and sleep all night without problems

09/30/22 I woke up weak, but I had 3 erections at dawn, I’m starting to sweat and feel better

01/10/22 feeling tired almost all day… feeling of not being able to complete breathing.

10/02/22 I woke up a little weak and throughout the day I got better, the rest of the day super well.

10/03/22 I woke up weak and went to work hard, feeling that after the collapse my body is dying, I was fine at night

10/04/22 my night’s sleep was bad because I felt burning and weakness in my body going to sleep well and well-being

10/05/22 feeling tired in the afternoon and I went to work anyway

10/06/22 my dht came out on the exam and went up from 391 to 497, showing that my 5alpha reduct is “working”

10/07/22 waking up with unwellness, I felt chest pain and shortness of breath in the afternoon

10/10/22 the muscle pain is very mild, tonight I had a super strange feeling during the chill sleep that Lucas said he feels too, I took testosterone at night

10/11/22 it took me a while to sleep, because I was anxious because of the testosterone I had never taken, I slept straight until 6 a.m. The burning of my muscles seems like I wanted to go back and something was fighting against holding this feeling during the night. In the morning I woke up a little weak with signs of slight burning in my legs.

10/12/22 I woke up better, but with a strange pain in my lower back, my muscles stopped hurting, I spent the day with less inflammation, only slight stabbing and contractions

10/13/22 burning with tingling in the muscles but with less weakness, I had diarrhea for the first time, I went for a walk with my mother, I just endured taking a walk in the condominium walking.

10/14/22 I woke up weak, I suppose I have to avoid physical exercise in these first months, I took omega 3 in the morning, I felt super good the rest of the day and my lower back pain disappeared, going to sleep well, I meditated

10/15/22 bad morning, getting better late and night, I went to sleep well

10/16/22 I woke up only with tired legs, slightly tired, I took omega 3, I spent the rest of the super well going to sleep slightly tired

10/17/22 I woke up with heavy legs, and weakness going back and forth, I took testosterone

10/18/22 I woke up very weak with heavy legs, heart accelerated today after sleeping, I did ergometry heart accelerated, but it didn’t hurt, I didn’t sweat during exam

10/19/22 I woke up less tired than yesterday, but legs exhausted from ergometry, I put the holter and pain in the muscles very light, burning sensation in the hands very light

10/20/22 slightly weak

10/21/22 I woke up weak and had a quick sadness after it passed

10/22/22 waking up weak, but better than yesterday and feeling WELL the rest of the day

10/23/22 I woke up with back pain

Guys, here in Brazil I’ve already done all the exams you can imagine, the only thing missing is the electroneuromyography. The last doctor I went to was the rheumatologist and he passed the following exams, where I reported all my loss of strength, muscle and body aches. Exams he passed: ANTI-SSB/LA, ANTI-RNP, ANTI-SSA/RO, CREATINOKINASE, C4 COMPLEMENT, C3 COMPLEMENT, RHEUMATOID FACTOR,

The only one that was below the reference value was the C3 Values ​​Obtained Reference Values
RESULT… 87.10 mg/dL 90 - 180 mg/dL

I did some research and saw that low C3 and normal C4: Low levels of C3 with normal C4 demonstrate activation of the alternative pathway, which is suggestive of infectious disease or nephritic factor (autoantibody) activity.
I can’t understand how I have muscle loss and my CPK was within the reference value. I asked my doctor if there is a way to lose muscle and the cpk is within the reference value and he said it is impossible.
If anyone can give an opinion, I’d appreciate it. Good Sunday everyone.

Today it’s been exactly 2 months since I had the crash and, more or less, about 2 and a half months since I stopped all substances. I had my third testosterone injection on 10/24/22. I know many of you will think I’m hasty, but my post crash was just horrible, I was feeling burning all over my body, muscle pain and muscle weakness and wasting. Today I’ve been feeling weak, especially when, that goes back and forth throughout the day. I’m tired in the leg muscles and I’ve been feeling muscle loss, but it’s much lighter than post crash.
My symptoms are mainly physical: weakness, muscle wasting, pale and dry skin, tender muscles (not all, but the vast majority), slight burning in the skin of the face. During the day, I feel random body aches. I keep you updated on any changes. I’m taking omega 3 and that’s it. What worries me the most is that I used finasteride, dutasteride, minoxidil and saw palmetto at different times in the two forms of presentation: topical and tablet. If I recover from this in the future, anyone here can.

Hey man, I’m 6 weeks post fin and also experiencing all the muscle/skin stuff as well as mental sides. Seen a few stories of people improving from 3-6 months, so not all hope is lost yet.

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Thank you for giv me more faith!

Today I think I had a minicrash, has anyone had this? Heart gave a slight quickening, sensation difficult to explain. Feeling of excitement, slight spasms around the eye. A thrill on the skin. It lasted about 3 minutes. Passing by to record this moment. I hope my muscle loss stabilizes.10/30/2022

from yesterday to today a tingling and painful sensation in my very big leg, I almost didn’t sleep because of it. I didn’t have this muscle hole 15 days ago

That’s a good pic, it can be hard to capture those voids on camera. I’ve had them all over my body. And like you say the muscle doesn’t go quietly either…the cell death is painful and for me accompanied by insatiable hunger.

you see your CPK or ALDOLASE?

I had a high CK test and the followup was normal. I don’t see the other one in my results.

i did 2 times cpk and normal

Today I had another minicrash like last Sunday, but today I feel less sore, I feel stable and I have more energy. I hope things keep getting better. I’ll wait for more news around here.
I still have flabby, pale skin, soft muscles, muscle loss/pain stabilized, energy better, but I still can’t do physical activity. I’m doing testosterone replacement every monday.
Note: I don’t know if the “improvement” I’m having is related to exogenous testosterone or this is my body trying to stabilize itself naturally.

Today I spent the day well in terms of fatigue and I didn’t have muscle pain, but I realized that to keep a conversation with someone I’m having a little difficulty, having to make an effort to concentrate and understand what is being said.

It’s been 2 months and 2 weeks since I had the crash. I’m on my sixth dose of TRT. My muscle pain has stabilized, my weakness has improved a lot, but it comes and goes too. For a few days now, I have noticed less genital sensitivity, less libido and cognitive problems with reading, difficulty maintaining focus in a conversation. My muscles are still limp. I’m not working, but I plan to go back to work next year. My mother has helped me a lot. Day 11 now I have a doctor and let’s see what direction we will take. Note: I cannot guarantee if the stabilization of my muscle loss was natural or if it was due to testosterone. I’ve had a few mini-crashes, waking up suddenly with a feeling of shock through my body and a racing heart.

Good luck man, keep us updated.

A rant: these body aches that come and go without warning are really bad. In some moments zero pain, from one hour to the next, the body is all sore, regardless of what you eat or do. I can’t relate to anything.

I finished my last dose of testosterone last Monday, went to the doctor and did the bioimpedance test and it showed that I gained muscle with testosterone, although I felt some parts of my body soften, like random muscles. I keep having random pains during the day. What can I say about these two boxes of testosterone that I took: maybe the testosterone calms the muscle wasting a bit, but I still have soft muscles and body aches. I feel pain in my gums and heart when the pain comes, in addition to muscle pain. I’m still pale and with elastic skin. Am I the only one on this forum with heart pain? Am I the only one on this forum with heartache? I don’t feel these pains all the time, but when they come, the heart pain comes with it. One thing that testosterone may have given me was a little more energy, I don’t feel as weak as I used to, but the other symptoms are still there. I can’t say if this was from TRT or if it was the natural course of my body after the crash.

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10/24/22 I woke up relatively well, with a slight pain in my lower back, I spent the rest of the day well, I took TESTO, did two series of squats on the sofa

10/25/22 I woke up sweaty and with exhausted legs, I can’t do physical activity yet, I feel like I’m still losing muscle mass. I had a strange feeling when I went to go coconut, I got goosebumps, heart raced, I sweated I went to sleep with sore legs

10/27/22 I woke up better than yesterday. I spent the day having pain in random places

10/28/22 I woke up with weak legs, in the afternoon I felt tired after lunch, body pain

10/30/22 pain in the legs and I keep losing muscle; today I felt a minicrash

10/31/22 I applied testo (feeling that the testo gives an insurance in burning and muscle pain)

02/11/22 I woke up “well” only with pain at the application site

11/03/22 I woke up weak and got a little better in the morning

11/04/22 I started to sweat in the armpit smelly and my muscle pains are more bearable

11/05/22 today I had a good day, no pain and I had a minicrash

11/06/22 waking up relatively well BEST DAY so far

11/07/22 relatively good day; I took the test

11/08/22 “good” day

09/11/22 that strange feeling difficult to explain; slightly sore heart when I breathe medium day

11/10/22 bad day

11/11/22 bad day

11/12/22 “good” day

11/13/22 medium day for good

11/14/22 burning in the body

11/15/22 burning in the eyes and body

11/16/22 I woke up with a calmer body and today I start therapy with a psychologist

Today for the first time since the crash, my hair fell out again, reminding you that I had a hair transplant. Is this a good sign? My hair has not been falling out at all for 2 months.

Just to update in more detail: my symptoms have been fluctuating, as you can see in my diary. Today I find myself understanding this whole situation much more, my life has turned upside down. I will continue until the end of the year without working and studying. There are days that my legs are tired, there are days that are my arms. The muscle pain has greatly reduced. A symptom that I have been feeling for about 15 days that comes and goes is numbness in the gums and about 5 days ago it spread to my throat, yesterday I felt a strong numbness in my throat. I started to not be scared by any symptoms of this bizarre and fluctuating condition. It will be 15 days next week since I took the last TRT injection and because of that I will have to do the post testosterone cycle, because after injecting TRT your body turns off its own natural production; I’M VERY AFRAID OF TAKING HCG AND CLOMID from all the reports I’ve seen here, but now there’s no turning back.
I continue with pale skin, change of energy during the course of the day and during the days. Genital numbness I have sometimes, and lack of pleasure in ejaculation I also have sometimes. These are my symptoms. My heart pains I didn’t feel anymore. I hope I’m not doomed for the rest of my life. Here in Brazil there are many reports of the most varied possible symptoms; Mainly erectile dysfunction. There are some doctors who recognize the condition, but as we know, nobody knows how to treat it or why it all happens. The only supplement I’m taking is omega 3 and I don’t even know if that helps at all.
In short: I’m ‘‘better’’ than I was 2 months ago, despite the new symptoms.