My HCG Protocol & Experience

Nice to hear your getting some good results.

Do you plan to get blood done now when you’re feeling better to see where you at?

Also I see you got issues with gyno. It was wise to start Clomid, just be wary because Clomid will only “hide” the problem when you use it.

It is a SERM and will block the estrogen receptor (ER) in your breast tissue. But it will at the same time block the negative feedback so your body will crank your LH even further.

Basically it will prevent gyno, but it will also raise T and E2 making you more susceptible for gyno if you go off it without addressing those issues.

New update: the Clomiphene helped ease some of the effects of the HCG, but made me unbelievably depressed and suicidal. I stopped taking it, and now after a couple of weeks I feel back to about my usual post-PFS baseline. I’m going to try a lower dose of the HCG (150 mg 3x weekly) so as not to waste the expensive ass vial that I got. I’m pretty confident that if it sets me back, I can discontinue usage, take Clomiphene once or twice and then just grit my teeth through a week or two of depression and/or anxiety. The crashes never seem to last too long so long as I cut off whatever substance I’m using pretty quickly.

I take a probiotic pretty regularly that keeps my cognition in tip-top shape and helps me stay productive at work at the very least. I might try to incorporate Apigenin to help with the sleep that’s pretty sporadic these days.

Clomid is awful, there’s a reason why it isn’t used for TRT etc. It’s basically has the psychological effect of being overdosed on female hormones, like having PMS or something 24/7. There’s a reason why it is dreaded even just for PCT by bodybuilders. Made me feel like I was about to cry constantly. It’s deeply sad how these same chemicals keep coming up on here as if they are a new idea that hasn’t failed a million times before.


Hey brother, any updates?

Hey all sorry for the lack of updates. I went off everything with a plan to start another cycle of HCG at a lower dose (150 ml 3x/week) two weeks after cessation of the first cycle. After the first dose, I experienced a pain in my left testicle and my semen turned completely clear again. I stopped and threw that batch away since it was a few weeks from going bad anyway and I don’t plan to try a cycle any time soon. I have two more batches of HCG to try later but I don’t have high hopes for it. Next time I’ll try 100ml. It’s supposed to stimulate your leydig cells at low doses which I feel contribute greatly to a lot of the sexual issues regarding this condition.

I tried forskolin for a day and got the same pain in my left testicle with watery ejaculate. I stopped immediately. Over the past couple weeks I’ve had pretty regular nocturnal erections which is weird, but I don’t know if it’s related at all to this protocol. I’m completely out of ideas so I’ll probably try this shit again in a couple months or something and will update then.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I’m not sure how these random people cured themselves with HCG/forskolin/proviron.

As an aside, VKG is a narcissistic douchebag who contributes nothing here and only disparages people that he views as not being as enlightened as he is. Dude doesn’t even follow up on his protocols when they don’t work so as not to damage his pristine view of himself. And if you look at his history, he’s as hypocritical as they come as well. Guy is a textbook narcissist who thinks more highly of himself than anybody else ever will.

Hey man sorry you don’t like what I say it’s just HCG has been tried and failed with here for 15 years. Why would we think that synthetic LH would be the cure for PFS? It doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s like popping supposed libido herbs and thinking that will cure PFS. Not sure what referring to as far as protocols from me. I think all I’ve introduced here in terms of ideas for therapy would be sharing that libido enhancement strategy that I guess no one here has tried. I will probably try it if I can find GHB but might not report result if no one else trying as doing so seems to discourage others from trying and N=1 isn’t enough to indicate virtually anything. The big tragedy here is that people are losing years barking up tree thinking home remedies might somehow cure PFS when we could’ve easily gotten research started and even a cure available by now otherwise. Even if some pill we could pop now would somehow be useful, it’d probably have a negative overall affect if it perpetuates the home-pill-popping as cure illusion that has cost us 15 years of our lives.

Thanks for the update brother. Sorry to hear the trials weren’t successful. I can’t judge anyone for desperately searching for relief from this hell. I just hope you guys don’t get hurt. The way some protocols work for some and not others without much explanation makes this so tough. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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FYI Apigenin seems to have set me back a bit. It helped get me tired at night but I noticed that I started to get more and more depressed. Now I’ve stopped taking it and my sleep is miserable every night and I’m extremely anxious and depressed.

I found this interesting article about antidepressants and cAMP (Forskolin increases CAMP).

  • “In the brains of people with depression, cyclic AMP is low; but with effective antidepressant treatment, cyclic AMP may be returned to normal. “The cAMP signaling cascade has been linked to depression and antidepressant action in various contexts,” the author wrote.”

  • “The results showed that while withdrawal of some antidepressant drugs balanced Gs alpha action in and out of the lipid rafts, other drugs suppressed the return of Gs alpha to rafts. The team found that in their cell model system, the cellular hallmarks of antidepressant action, including translocation of Gαs from lipid rafts, persisted after drug withdrawal.”

Also this article is very interesting. It’s about cAMP and the immune system.

  • "Within the immune system, cAMP regulates pro- and anti-inflammatory activities: drugs that elevate intracellular cAMP levels reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators and increase the production of anti-inflammatory factors in numerous immune cells.

  • In turn, Nur77 is upregulated and represses numerous inflammatory genes in the transition from an inflammatory Ly6Chigh to anti-inflammatory Ly6Clow/neg state (3840). Elevated cAMP levels induce Nur77 expression (41) and, thus, favor a reparatory monocyte phenotype.

  • “One fundamental conclusion can nevertheless be drawn: interventions that enhance cAMP generation or actions have immune dampening potential; conversely, repression of cAMP or cAMP signaling has immunostimulatory capability.”

The article had a lot more to tell, but to much to cite.

I recently tried it, and was surprised when my visual snow diminished greatly. Also my allergies completely went away after ~2-3 weeks of 500mg / day Forskolin. My eyes wasn’t dry anymore and my head pressure also went away.

But I also noticed some twitching in my muscles going on, so I’m off Forskolin for now to see if it was due to it or not.