My Genetics Confuse & Scare Me

Hi everyone, I recently took a very accurate dna test. I’m uncomfortable sharing the company or my results because of my concerns for privacy. Regardless, I had some very scary and surprising results. I’ll try to share the most relevant information to our condition.

I’m in the 0 percentile for genetic hair loss
I’m in the 82nd percentile for alopecia areata
I’m in the 99th percentile for prostate cancer
I’m in the 99th percentile for high testosterone

I have high risk factors for various blood, heart, and autoimmune issues. I have been losing hair since my teen years. I’m always stressed, high strung, and have allergies.

I used to think of KISS methodology when it comes to PFS. I don’t have theories nor am I qualified to craft them. I just now wonder if it has more to do with autoimmune problems?

My blood work all comes back reasonably well, but my genetics paint a troubled future for my health.

I was fascinated that I have an extremely low risk factor for male pattern baldness. Does anyone have similar experiences with their health and genetics?

Something seems off about those numbers. Uncertainty is almost certain with polygenic traits likes the ones listed. I wouldn’t panic.

Would ask you what service did the predictive analysis, but that’s out of the question. Might be worth your time checking into discussions about the reliability of their analysis, regardless of how accurate the raw data supposedly is.

How do you know it’s accurate?

Test says you won’t lose any hair
You’ve been losing hair for years

Result: perhaps the test isn’t very accurate. It might not be the best thing to look at that result and take it as hugely indicative of anything.

I know you are being cautious about your identity, but you don’t need to be so guarded. Which company reveals the identity of it’s customers without their consent? Answer: One that likes getting sued. Imagine walking into their office and asking for the names of customers that got the result you posted. As far as I can tell, that’s your primary risk. Never going to happen.

If you want people to discuss your result and set your mind at ease, then you probably need to tell people a little more about the test.

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