My experience with diet change - improved libido


It has been about four months that i started a different diet to check how i would feel. I started doing the Atkins diet and it gave me a better mood, more energy, a sense of optimism (even a little euphoria sometimes - Dr. Atkins explains this on his book). Libido improved, and some days i felt 100% recovered. After some weeks i got tired of eating so much fat and protein, plus i had very bad insomnia but i didn’t want to lose the benefits i got from the diet (better libido and mood). So i decided to stick to a “hybrid” diet. I almost don’t eat carbohidrates (eat them at night, to make me sleepy) - it is not restricted to the 40 g a day of Atkins. I substituted almost all carbs (potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, pizza) for salads and fruits, not too much though. I eat proteins in every meal (salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken, sometimes meat or a whey protein shake). I don’t eat refined sugar (once in a while if a have a craving i eat it but mainly avoid it.). I avoid fried food, but i DO EAT FAT, specially cheese, heavy cream, olive oil, non sweetened chocolate (for diabetics). Sometimes i take a ‘day off’ and eat everything i want and it is funny how my mood worsens and i feel like crap…

I feel much, much better on this diet… After finasteride every time i had a meal rich in carbs i felt sleepy, irritated, slow, depressed (although my blood sugar came normal in all blood tests i had)… sexually i feel better too. My erections are good (my only complaint is it is slower than before fin to achieve it, and sometimes harder to maintain if in standing position). The key point is that i feel somedays horny again , not with the same intensity as before fin, but definetely enough to enjoy sex and porn movies LOL!
Somehow the combination of more protein and fat and almost no carbs has an effect on my libido. Experiment with your diet! Try different combinations! Don’t give up

So i started reseaching the internet to find out if there was a relation in eating less and improving libido. This is what i found on Wikipedia:

"While calorie restriction has been shown to increase DHEA in primates it has not been shown to increase DHEA in post-pubescent primates "

“Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), is a natural steroid prohormone PRODUCED FROM CHOLESTEROL by the adrenal glands” …

“DHEA is the precursor of androstenedione, which can undergo further conversion to produce the androgen testosterone and the estrogens estrone and estradiol”

So my plan is:

  • Select better the food i eat, trading carbohidrates to healthy fats, in order to produce more cholesterol and DHEA (that’s a hope)
  • To protect my heart from the extra cholesterol, i exercise 6 days a week, 30 mins cardio + weight training
  • An extra protection to the heart is the fact that carb intake is very low. So the insulin production is lowered and the extra fat is burned not acumulated in my arteries.
  • To avoid the “extra” (i hope) DHEA to be converted into estrogen, keep body fat low
  • Vitamins and whey protein every day.

So far it is working for me… Not 100% yet, but definetely an improvement.

If anyone wants to give it a try, here is a sample of it:
Portions: i don’t control the amout of protein and fats, only control carbs. Drinks: i choose mostly water, sometimes a diet soda. I added meals from fast food chains to show it isn’t a hard diet to follow. I balanced this diet to my metabolism - you should adapt it to yours. I feel more energy at night and slower in morning. Use carbs to slow your metabolism and proteins + fats (no carbs), to accelerate it.

Protein + fats:
Coffee with cream and sweetener
turkey and cheese wrap
whey protein and whole milk

protein + salad:
Salmon and vegetables
Subway wrap (tuna, turkey, seafood)
Chicken and salad

unsweetened chocolate or a fruit

protein + salad + controlled carbs
Salmon and salad and beans
Half thin crust pizza from Domino’s (The thin crust is like a tortilla, very thin + i order without sauce) and a salad
a light sandwich with wheat bread
chicken tenders (W/ buffalo sauce somtimes) and a salad

whey protein with milk


Looks like he is actually recovered. This is from 2007. Has anyone tried this method?


I only know that I get a severe PFS crash (no libido, total anhedonia, insomnia) if I cut out carbs completely. The DHT drop is huge, only a proviron megadose saved my ass.

This only works if your totally androgen intolerant.