My experience with a medium

so i was hesitant to post this because it is a little bit off-topic but finally, I said to myself, why not it is fun and relevant, a year ago I visited a friend in another country, I was there for a week, he told me that he has an appointment with a medium which is quiet well known in her industry and he invited me to accompany him, we went there, (as a prefix my friend doesn’t know about my PFS), the medium told me I can wait outside and if I want she can see me after she is done with my friend, I generally don’t believe in mediums but I told myself well it is fun, I am here so give it a try, it was a free session and I could ask anything I wanted, I asked what’s wrong with my body and this is the answer she later sent me, she said pretty much the same things during our session but she says she can email me the summary if I wanted to, I can’t lie, what she said makes sense lol, I am gonna copy paste the exact thing she emailed me later:

Main areas to monitor are the liver and colon. I am shown Ulcerative colitis / Crohn’s disease / ulcers around these areas. This could just be confirming the areas to monitor because there looks to be some inflammation in the body causing some discomfort within the liver / colon areas. I do see that the colon is more the primary area to look into and this will present with some IBS symptoms, also some bloating, abdominal discomfort on the lower left side and also feelings of fatigue. If you notice things are not feeling right it’s important to have a look into the colon. I do see things can settle with diet changes and it’s important to look into eliminating foods your sensitive to. Almost like the GAPS diet.

You will start a new fitness / exercise routine that will be really positive for your overall wellbeing and I see a difference in body shape and inflammation also. You’ll also begin to look into diet changes and begin to make health and wellness a priority and you’ll notice a difference with your mind and body. It’s recommended to avoid protein powders as many of them are processed and I just see your body will be sensitive towards these. A well balanced ‘diet’ will be beneficial for you and avoiding anything overly processed and high fat foods.

I am shown you need to monitor your Testosterone levels because I do see some issues with lower moods, mild anxiety and some fluctuations with sex drive. I also see some discomfort around the testicles so it’s important when you notice any discomfort or changes, to have your Testosterone looked into. It’s important to test Testosterone early morning for accurate results. I also see your levels contributing to some sleep disturbances and not waking overly refreshed also.

I can also see you’re slightly anaemic so you want to keep an eye on iron levels. It’s important to have a full iron panel, this will show you how your body is using and transporting the iron in the body. I also see you’re deficient in the active form of B12 methylcobalamin. I do see this will present with fatigue and headaches but also some shortness of breath and feeling cold. As an overall for immunity, I do see you’d benefit from Zinc and vitamin D as yours is looking a little on the lower side.

Also, just monitor the lung area as I do see a chest infection coming in for you causing a cough and heaviness in the chest area.

When I was a psychology major, my professor told us all to divide up into our horoscopes and stand in different parts of the room. She then gave us pieces of paper detailing our individual personality traits.

Mine were really relevant to me; liked to make friends, however needed my own space from time to time and was cautious about building new relationships due to bad experiences in the past.
Generally thought positively about the world, but would occasionally have pessamistic thoughts and worry for my future frequently etc.

As someone who, at the time, was pretty open to horoscopes, I was quite surprised at its accuracy, and judging by the reaction of people around the room reading their horoscopes, it would seem our professor was some kind of psychic.

Turns out everyone in the room had exactly the same sheet of paper.

I’m not saying the medium your saw is a phony (well, I kind of am), but they seem to outline ‘general’ issues for a males (testosterone/testicles), as well to ‘monitor’ issues that ‘might’ affect you in the future. I doubt many adults also get a full-refreshing night’s sleep either, and is probably a common issue of people who seek the help of mediums.

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yeah, that might be the case, that’s what I thought too but still for some1 who has constant testicle pain, digestion, and fatigue problems it was surprising, but yeah you are right, it could be a generic response, even if I was healthy as fuck I might have believed her…