My Doctor is a Piece of ....


I went today to my Doc who prescribe me Finasterid…

I told him that this Stuff has destroyd my Health, my Future, and my Familie and nothing have really improve since my crash…i have asked him why he dont warn me about the REAL Sideeffects and now comes the BOMB…

he told me even when he had warn me about PFS i had probably take this anyway because PFS is soooooooooooooo rare

So he was liying me in the Face in the first Place before i take this Poison.

WHAT THE F…? I told him to stop prescribe this Poison to more men and he sayd never in Earth he take Advice from a Patient because he is the Doctor and that he not would stop give Finasterid away because i am one of the unlucky very very rare Guys with PFS…thats it…

I really thinking of beating the Shit out of that Guy…What a heartless Demon this F… is

No Chance in Hell to stop Doctors, to destroy more Lifes with Finasterid Folks, No Chance in Hell

(excuse my poor English)


you can file a complaint with the medical board for sure. here in the ol’ usa we do that through at the state level. If he knew of the risks, and didn’t tell you, that’s some real malpractice and should definitely be reported.


That is why we must put all our efforts into raising awareness at every level so that medics all over the world know what shocking permanent effects this drug can have.


I think that is only thing he will understand the docs who give out Finasteride obviously have no conscience. It really surprises me that noone in the states has not taking the law into their own hands(given they have nothing to lose).
If one of these doctors who pendle Finasteride had the shit kicked out of them (or worse) they and other doctors would think twice before prescribing it again.


Yes maybe you have Right, but he told me that a Doctor never say the rarest Sideffects of a Medicine.

But in my Opinion when the “rarest” Sideffect has the ability to cut your balls, makes you suicidial, destroys your body, your Friendships, your Familie, shrink your dick, bone loss and muscle loss, and and and then by God your Doctor must tell you about.


I ´ve got that attitude so many times… Before this whole mess, i never expected that doctors were so arrogant and narcissistic. I had a very naive impression of them.


I ´ve got that attitude so many times… Before this whole mess, i never expected that doctors were so arrogant and narcissistic. I had a very naive impression of them.
Yes i know what you mean.

Back in the day i had think that never a Doctor will destroy your Life with a Medicine but i was a real fool.

You know blaming Merck for this Shit is of course the first Way.

But i think all the Doctors woh prescribe this Posion came waaaaay to easy with it out.
They are to lazy to think one Step forward and they trust Mercks Lies and left us alone with our Destiny.

We cant blame us for taking Propecia, never in Life.

But i hate such Statements like “the Doctors dont know about the Sideeffects”
i mean come on, if you work as a Person who must PROTECT Humans from Disease then it should not be “dont know”.

Especally in the past Years when the Sideffects are reported million of times on the Internet, i would think 20 times about it to prescribe this Shit.

Jesus Christ are we Human or are we Dayflys?


i dont think you can blame the doctors who prescribed it,most were unaware of the sides before the label changes came in,i remember getting my first script for it and the doc had never even heard of propecia,i was the first one he’d ever given it to,he had to look it up etc when i was trying to explain what i wanted,and he certainly hadnt heard of pfs when i went back to him after i crashed,i dont believe the majority of doctors would knowingly give you a drug that would harm you thats just crazy talk,but i do believe theres many docs in these private hair clinics who know full and well that pfs is real and still try and peddle this shit as much as they can for the money,hopefully pfs will be proved once and for all over the next few years then every doc in the world will know the truth…


The docs in hair loss clinics know for sure its real. I sent a registered letter to the hair loss clinic that put me on fin over a year ago outlining the horrific side effects I had suffered. They offered to meet me to discuss the issue but I was too ill to meet them. I believe they only offered to meet me to cover themselves legally. They really dont give a f**K. Its over a year later and they have not once contacted me again to ask how I’m doing. In the meantime the clinic in question continues to promote Finasteride in the media as a “good medicine” which is “FDA approved”. How the hell can a “good medicine” destroy so many lives ?
These hair loss doctors are pure evil.


Of course they are pure evil…they dont care if they fuck you up or not because the Drug is legal avaliable…You cant do nothing against them


That is a fucking horrible story. I told you when we phoned to inform your health insurance, they will contact your doc. Neither they can take his licence away from him, anyway this will be a pretty big shock for him. Because the insurances have all they money, he will be scared. That sucker!


Maybe i do this Dude its a shame that he told me nothing about PFS because of his Bullshit Theorys that i had taken it anyway…


The same happened to me, my doctor laughed in my face!
These bastards deserve to die!!!