My brief story of overcoming PFS - how I did it. Thankful I'm still alive

Hi. I am a PFS patient in early 20’ s, and I had taken both finastride and dutastride.

I suffered severe side effect, the brainfog and also the sensation that feels like there’s a plastic bag in my head, and all these drove me really suicidal since under these conditions what I had earned after multiple struggles and failures are just wrecked. I persisted and tried hard to find a way, and was able to find something that works.

I have an important test in early Feb, so after a brief explanation of my regimens, if what I practice every day does show effect on other PFS patients, then I’ll come back and try to give more details.

From now on I’ll begin listing.

  • Maintaining Ketosis metabolism

  • Hydrating, especially before/after workout, roughly 3-4 L a day.

    (Above two are the very important. If you have the ‘plastic bag in head’ sensation, then you won’t get rid of it unless you are in ketosis. I recommend using coconut oil. It’s being said that safe amount is up to 30 g per day, and for me I consume about 40 g a day. To be in ketosis, try Intermittent fasting and break the fast with consuming 20 g of coconut oil)

  • Intermittent fasting (16:8 method)

  • exercising between last meal and sleep; 40 mins of moderate high repetition weight training or jogging

  • cutting off gluten

    (to zero. Get fresh white rice for carbohydrates, cook raw chicken breast yourself for protein, and get coconut oil or butter for fat. Cooking what you eat, from the raw materials, is the best way to track what exactly you’re getting. )

  • minimizing phytoestrogen consumption

    (all nuts contain pretty high phytoestrogen. I had a lot of them in the beginning since they’re healthy, but found out I feel some hindrance after eating them. Olive oil contains a lot too, I once switched to olive oil and had to switch back to coconut oil)

  • limiting intake of sugar

  • cutting off artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors ( Drinking zero calorie soda affects cognition immediately for me )

  • taking ginseng / aschwaganda supplements

  • maintaining enough beneficial gut bacteria ( through supplement, I.F. , diet, drinking enough water)

  • having a positive and also constructive mindset as best I can

These are pretty much what I do, and if these shows positive effect on you please feel free to distribute anywhere to help other patients. I didn’t exactly explain what I had to go through, but it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life that I never expected in my early 20’s. Now after finding a way to overcome it, I’m grateful that I can pursue what I want.


Horrible to go through this shit in your 20s. I know the feel man. I feel like I fucking deserve it.

I’m glad you’re doing well though, god bless brother

How old are you now? How long since you considered 100% recovered?

Did you have sexual sides? Are they gone?

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Thank you for mentioning the zero calorie soda. I’ve been on keto for 5 days now and have been drinking 1-2 sprite or Dr Pepper zeros. Didn’t know this could hurt

Do you think we have to be in ketosis forever? Or eventually can we go back to a regular diet.

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Oh I almost forgot. With the food that I mentioned above, have some cabbage as well. White cabbage is better than green ones since they contain less phytoestrogen.

Plus, there were guys mentioning eyesight problem, I had it too and that’s what I had when I was in the ‘head in plastic bag’ condition. It goes away with ketosis and I assume it’s because the brain is unable to efficiently use sugar or carbs as an energy source, so supplying keto as an energy source makes it able to process informations well. Only an assumption, man, what do I know.

For above question, it fluctuates. sometimes it’s 100%, even 120% when I’m strictly up to my routine (because I’m doing almost everything that’s beneficial for neuron cells, that are natural methods) and sometimes 80% when I skip exercising or when I have a cheating day. I had a cheating day from the beginning since the diet plan was tough, it was once every 3 days at first and now about once a month. Stuff like pizza, soda and some snacks for that day.

I’m not sure until when I will have to keep this routine, but like I said, I’m just happy to be alive and aware, being able to pursue what I wanna be.

Coconut oil is a 5ar-i. I had penile fibrosys from it, after a single use


Yes I did have sexual side effects. No erectile in the morning, my penile was flaccid, shrunk in size, and watery ejection. Had Zero libido as well. All these functions have reverted back. *Sorry for late reply!

Really? Well, this does make sense, I do get a bit of a buzz after consuming it. It goes away after 30 mins or after taking a 10m nap.

I chose coconut oil because I do keto diet and it works better than other plant oils I tried.

The regime I am using did give me a major improvement. Meanwhile, there has to be fat in your diet - what is your main source of fat? You may track the source of fat in your diet, and isolate them and try consuming one by one, see which one works best for you, and try the keto diet by enlarging the portion of fat and breaking your fast with that fat.

Did you lose your erection when you were standing in a few seconds too? Did you notice a difference in standing and sitting erection? Did you have a hourglass shape and narrowing?

Thank you for sharing. Have you had any blood tests, showing any changes before and after this regimen? I’m sure there has to be a way to measure these changes.

What about sensitivity or feeling from orgasm? Everything has been recoverable for me except these

how long were you sick

how long did it take you start feeling recovered after you started this regimen?

@Hiei why you don’t complete the survey? Why you waste your time making questions about “cures” that doesn’t exist?
Help the community and yourself making survey. It’s the only good thing anyone can do to try to find a way to get out.

@Rb26dett, it’s necessary to make sure that people taking the survey have been off 3 months. Based on posts @Hiei made, he hasn’t been off that long yet.

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Ketosis never worked for me. Did 4 years total low carb. 2 years keto. Never took away the ‘plastic bag in head’ sensation.