My boron experience


i tried boron because of its ability to lower shbg and raise free t. i only took a very small amount because of my hypersensitivity but it did have an effect. ill document it below

boron - now supplement 3mg capsule

day 1
.took about 1/4 of the capsule
.didnt notice any immediate effect
.later in the day had a very strong erection
.had horrible nightsweats

.same dose
.rock hard morning wood
.insane frequent urination (10 times in 6 hrs)
.noticed my skin was tighter after urinating so much
.more energy to get through the day.
.muscles felt tighter
.thinking clearer
.more appetite
.was more sexually active that night and able to spawn numerous erections with little time inbetween sex
.skin was very inflammed feeling
.started to develop a headache at night
.horrible nightsweats again

day 3
.morning wood again
.feeling more derealized
.skin loosened up again
.very tired and headachy
.felt worse as the day went on
.noticed a change in body temp. (people said my hands were colder)
.no more nightsweats

.woke up with increased anxiety
derealization and awful feelings and thoughts were greatly increased
.decided not to take the boron
.extreme fatigue
.took a clonazepam to help because of how bad i was doing

its been 2 days since i stopped the boron. feeling slightly better today. might be worth exploring for those without hypersensitivity because i definitely noticed a difference. but in the end , like 99.9 % of things i try it only made me worse.

on to the next one