My body is not able to handle even normal cortisol levels

My body can’t handle even a slight rise in cortisol, even at normal levels. I physically felt 80% recovered when i lowered my cortisol and thyroid to low normal but now i quit those suppliments. Physically i am wasting muscles, weakness of muscles and twitches are just intolerable. I seriously think that keeping low normal levels of thyroid and cortisol can prevent muscle wastage of some of us pfs patients.

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I am cortisol intolerant since PFS too - i think at least i am - because my anxiety and brain fog, even penile shrinkage is very present each morning. Then every side improves in the afternoon.

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Same here…cortisol intolerance is the correct word. Our cortisol wen’t back to normal levels but still our bodies cannot tolerate it becoz of receptor changes. I tried ashwagandha, bacopa, giloy powder with boiled milk every morning and before bed and my physical symptoms were gone, but then i felt it gave me anhedonia so i quit that. Idk what shall i do to make cortisol and thyroid low normal again.

I think it has to do with neurosteroid alterations, in particular the low or not existing allopregnanolone ,which has the anti-anxiety effect. So even with a low cortisol our brain cannot counteract that, and it mimics a fight or flight mode and we suffer all the symptoms from muscle spams, penile shrinkage and anxiety of course.

Its just my opinion after learning about PFS

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Do u respond to androgens?

Hard to tell, cause

  1. I havent tried any androgen supps yet
  2. Havent been to gym since october due to lockdown

Responding to androgens can be known even without these things. How do u feel after masturbation? Do u feel androgens in muscles?

After masturbation i feel bit depressed cause I see how much less pleasure and orgasm the whole thing gives me.
After ejacuation my penis and balls shrink for some time

Get here all better with take Cortison? or bad?
i have take Hydrocortison it helps, than all worser…

No i’ve never taken hydrocortisone, i wan’t to decrease it. U are saying u felt better with cortisone and then got worse?? I saw ur posts regarding the allergic inflammatory reactions u had in ur body. Did it get better for u?

What are ur symptoms now brother?

Yes it get better with Hydrocortison ,but i think it helps a littel bit…
I have big Histamin Problems and Mastcells , Antihistaminika helps better

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whats the active ingridient of antihistaminika .i cant find it

Can anyone here tell me what to do about this cortisol intolerance?

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