My body is always cold

PFS, before, I would sweat all the time, I would be hot, I would dress lightly in cold weather.I’m constantly cold right now. The room is very hot. Even when everyone is walking around in t-shirts, I’m cold. Please help me.
Supplements I’ve tried
arginine = 0 impact
taurine = 0 impact
7keto = I feel worse, it doesn’t help that I’m cold
Levotiroksin = The cold had no effect, I felt worse,
Please don’t tell me to dress warmly. I always dress warmly. The heaters are always on. It’s extremely hot inside the house, but I’m freezing outside. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been going to doctors for years and they have no solution.

Do you test your body temperature with a thermometer regularly? What sort of thermometer do you use and what brand? Is there a consistent temperature range or pattern you notice? What is your body temperature as of now? Do you test via the armpit, rectum, or under the tongue?

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It’s the same for many of us, lots of theories including thyroid but like many bloods are normal. My body temp dropped to the high 34s when it was always 37 prior to fin fucking it. I’d feel freezing sitting out in the summer sun and it would often hit in waves. Cortisol and insulin could also be factors as I’d get waves after eating or trying to go to the toilet, pruning fingers, allergic reactions , mood changes tingling, hollow weakness would also play out the same way. So could also be linked to the leaky gut and autoimmune reactions. After all of these years my body temp has increased to 36 degrees. Hopefully this alone may lead to an mprovement in some of this shit. One thing I’d say if u can tolerate raw garlic drop a diced, sliced clove into a glass of water leave over night then drink that inclusive of the clove before bed the following day/evening you may find it helps with the cold feeling and it will also help with candida and gut dysbiosis. Unfortunately garlic is bad for many so hope ure OK with it. If u can id recommend having that a few times per week. It may even help with sleep and mood Good luck

I feel sleepy all the time, I have no problem sleeping, but I’m very cold, especially when I’m hungry, I’m twice as cold. I’m cold all the time, even under the sun, I’m cold, especially my hands and feet are very cold.

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It’s a common side effect of low testosterone which is a common side effect of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (taking finasteride, SSRI). Get your T-levels tested and confirm that it is low.
Less bone density leading to joint pains, not being able to build or maintain muscle (because body no more makes protein as it would earlier), less sleep than before, less desire than before, less anger and agression, less desire are all side effects of low testosterone which in turn side effect of Androgen Deprivation Therapy.

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We all have less androgens. What is the solution to this? I injected testosterone and it got worse. Testicular pain started. Sexual desire, which was 30% working, decreased to 10%. I have an average of 30-40% desire a day, compared to a normal person.