My bloodtest after 16 years on propecia

Got my blood test back and see that my CK value is almost 2000 (range 50-400) - the CK value measure the muscle enzym in he body. And my body is killing my muscles…quit 12 weeks ago. Did anyone else have high CK and did you recover over time or am I fucked? waiting to have a biopsy of my muscles done…

Total Testosterone 12.4 (9.0-30)
Free Testosterone 2.8 (1.5-7.3)
Androstenedione 1.7 (1.0-7.0)
DHT 0.95 (0.90-3.10)
Androstanediol glucuronide 22.1 (3.3-31.6)
Androsterone 1.7 (1.0-7-0)
Estradiol 0.05 (0.06-0.14)
LH 2.7 (1.8-12)
FSH 5.3 (1.4-12)
Aldosterone 172 (61-1068)
Deoxycorticosterone <0.071 (<0.41)
SHBG 58 (8-60)
Prolactin 170 (<370)
Albumin 44 (36-45)
ACTH 7.1 (<10.2)
TSH 5.1 (0.50-3.6)
Free T3 4.7 (2.8-7)
Free T4 17 (8.0-21)
IGF-1 17.6 (6-25)
ASAT 67 (15-45)
ALAT 54 (10-70)
Bilirubin 9 (5-25)
CK 1956 (50-400)
T3R 0.37 (0.14-054)

I will appreciate any feedback please. I will be having a muscle biopsy because of the high CK value, endo think I might have gotten a muscle disease from Fin…We also agreed about waiting 6 months then take new bloodtest to see where we are. I quit Propecia 13 weeks ago. This blood was taken 7 weeks off.

Finasteride and high CK values - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=589

Thnx Mew. Yes I have read that earlier, but both those studies states that it was reversible and the ck value went back to normal after a few weeks after quitting .I still have way to high ck level after two months off fin…doc thinks autoimmune disease myositis


Can you please contact me man? I am about to go down an interesting road of HCG, serms, and possibly an AI in order to attempt to reverse this secondary hypogonadism. I have very low levels of LH AND FSH. Test is falling more and more each lab test. Didn’t have pre fin tests done cuz my doctor refused but I feel my estrogen is high.

I would love to hear back from you and ask some questions because you have a finger in every section on this forum and would love some advice.



What’s the result of your muscle biopsy

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