My blood tests (in Swedish unfortunately)

Hi, here the results of two blood tests that I’ve done. Unfortunately they are in Swedish. The doctor who analysed them said they where fine but he doesn’t believe I have PFS (or that it exists for that matter). I don’t understand anything about this so I was hoping you guys could help me. What do you say about my test results?

Tests taken 2019-05-03

Analysis 			   Result 			Reference interval

Testosteron			   17 nmol/L		     8,6-29
SHBG				   36 nmol/L		     18-54
Follitropin (FSH)	   3,9 E/L		         1,5-12
Lutropin (LH)		   4,5 E/L			     1,7-8,6
HbA1c (IFCC)		   35 mmol/mol		     27-42
PSA				       0,59 mikrog/L	     <2,0
PSA, fritt			   0,29 mikrog/L	
PSA fritt/tot kvot	   0,49
Calcium			       2,47 mmol/L		     2,15-2,50
Fosfat				   1,1 mmol/L		     0,70-1,6
Albumin			       42 g/L		         36-45
ASAT				   0,42 mikrokat/L	     <0,76
ALAT				   0,50 mikrokat/L		 <1,1
GT				       0,50 mikrokat/L		 <2,0
Triglycerid			   1,2 mmol/L			 0,45-2,6
Kolesterol			   6,6 mmol/L			 3,3-6,9
HDL-kolesterol		   1,3 mmol/L			 0,8-2,1
LDL-kolesterol		   4,8 mmol/L *		     1,4-4,7
S-Prolaktin, lågmol	   113 mIE/L			 <279
S-Testosteron bioakt   8,1 nmol/L			 4,4-14
S-TSH				   1,6 mE/L			     0,3-4,2
S-T4, fritt			   14 pmol/L			 12-22
S-T3, fritt			   4,8 pmol/L			 3,1-6,8

Test taken 2019-05-28

S-Dihydrotestosteron   1,6 nmol/L

Here are some more blood test that I’ve done recently. Don’t know if they are relevant but I’ll post them anyway. Again in Swedish unfortunately.

Tests taken 2019-06-09

Analysis               Result                 Reference interval

Glukos		           6,2 mmol/L *	          4,0-6,0
CRP		               <1 mg/L	              <3
Natrium		           142 mmol/L	          137-145
Kalium		           3,7 mmol/L	          3,5-4,6
Leukocyter		       10,9 x10(9)/L *	      3,5-8,8
Erytrocyter		       4,7 x10(12)/L	      4,2-5,7
Hemoglobin (Hb)		   140 g/L	              134-170
EVF		               0,40	                  0,39-0,50
MCV		               87 fL	              82-98
MCH	                   30 pg	              27-33
Trombocyter		       292 x10(9)/L	          145-348
P-Kreatinin		       69 mikromol/L	      <100
Pt-eGFR(Krea)relativ   >90 mL/min/1.7	      >80

Hm… There’s not a lot to go on here. Checking estrogen could be worthwhile. T4 seems to be on the low side.

Personally I haven’t seen a lot of correlation between hormone test results and how I feel. If things are seriously out of whack, you’ll probably see benefits from correcting them, but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious targets for you, judging by these tests.

Another thing to look into, apart from estrogen, is cortisol. There are saliva tests that measure cortisol multiple times a day that gives you a picture of how it changes over time. If those are available in Sweden, I’d go for it.

Thank you! I’ll check to see If I can have my estrogen and cortisol checked. As my T4 is on the low side is there anything I can do to correct that? What side effects could come from having low T4.

You could google symptoms I’m hypothyroidism, but I doubt you have that.

There’s a couple of paths you can go down. Exercise, gut microbiome correction, water fasting, de-stress/sleep, some version of a paleo diet… Or a combination. Choose your own adventure…

I sorry for disturbing but where in Sweden do you live and how did you get your DHT level tested? I plan on getting the test done but I can’t find anyone who tests DHT in Sweden.

Hi Microda,

Do you have your results if Creatin Kinase (CPK) and Vitamin D ?

If no, you should probably do them.