My blood test results

I stopped Testogel 2 months ago and have been on Testo Enanthate since. I’ve got 250mg capsules injected every 2 weeks, maybe I can get half the capsule injected each time and then the rest is thrown away.
But if the full dose has done me no good, what will a reduced dose achieve. I’m turning into a skinny werewolf with a bald head, so I’m not that enthusiastic!
I await news of your demethylating experiment awor. cheers

I am sorry but there was no need for you to go on TRT. your numbers were not that bad and alot of users agree just T is not solution for us.



it’s nice to hear GH has helped you immensely with erections!

i read this same report from postfinsufferer

what dose were you on and what time did you inject? how fast did this effect kick in (in days/weeks)?

did your sleep quality improve?

you say your erections went from outstanding to very good, which for me is a really good sign… you had no trouble at all getting it up?

hope you will recover your mass! perhaps a couple cycles of 500 mg with a hrt dose of 250 mg weekly will do you good but im not sure, stick with your docs advice first… stay away from deca!!

So its down to the GH is it! (Anyway erections were not the reason I went to see doctors, I could have lived with the way I was - 80% quality and less frecuent).

It was quickly after changing from Testogel to injections and HGH that I got these tremendous erections. I think it reduced my sleeping hours because of waking up too early with erections! - I think this has stabilised now, my working day allows me a nap in the afternoon to make up.

My dilemma is that the penis and my hair are certainly not androgen resistant but the muscles are (also brain fog, dry skin)

Yes i really think so. The other member mentioned it and i also have a report of a guy on t nation who had major success (brentf13) with HGH for erections.

This it he link: … 8&pageNo=0

It is said by Hertoghe that the use of GH can shorten your sleep, in essence you sleep way deeper.

If you have the possibility, please stop the use of GH for a week and then retry, then you have confirmed it is your holy grail!

I am looking for my holy grail for ED the past 9 years, hopefully now GH will be it as i start within a couple weeks at a low dose, come on!!

Perhaps you can restore libido/ED as well to 100% instead of 80% with low dose GH.

i think the real point here is that each person has something which is not predefined wrong which may need corrected. I for example have stunningly good growth hormone levels (320+), good dht, good t, but poor adiol-g and high rt3. someone else may have poor growth hormone levels. someone may have poor blood level c and d. It is simply finding a doctor to competently test every blood level possible (at the same time) and come up with a comprehensive, intelligent treatment which will fix that weakness instead of simply guessing at what is wrong.

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What about if the answer isn’t in the blood? Doctors have probably examined a truckload full of our collective blood and didn’t find the answer yet. If our problem rather has to do with the way our body is responding to what is in the blood, you won’t find the problem there no matter how hard you look.

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Two key things about this statement are “what if” and “probably have” of which neither statement is definitive. Another is that doctors simply don’t talk to each other - so our “collective” blood means nothing. Mine has consulted no one else even though I urged him to greatly. He wants the pride of solving this situation alone, I assume. We all realize it is a safety mechanism to prepare oneself for the worse case scenario (Awor’s theory, alternative epigenetic issue, mystery issue x, etc.) but we cannot deny that there are very few users here which have had truly comprehensive (20 plus vials) of blood work all from the same doctor all at the same time (I know of only one person, and he is actually doing better.)

As much as I am intrigued by Awor’s theory, and I am genuinely hoping and looking forward to procaine working, I’m think people should still seek generalized treatment as long as it is from a doctor who can provide total, comprehensive evaluation. The logistics of saving money for genetic-level (or epigenetic level, AR signal) testing via the internet are near impossible, unfortunately - though i believe it is useful the only way to find a solution if the problem is actually genetic is to sue Merck.

Depending on the country you live in, these tests cost lots of money. I am simply questioning if we are utilizing our (scarce) financial resources in the best way possible by investing time and time again into strategies which have mostly failed in the past. If you find that I have the wrong impression about what’s being posted around here, I will be glad to learn about cases which have permanently recovered after correcting something found by standard testing. Otherwise, perhaps we should start thinking about alternative strategies, like pooling resources to get something done at a scientific level. There, of course, testing will certainly also be involved. But it will likely be more methodical than the “shot gun” testing often being practiced by clueless doctors treating guys on this board.

More importantly, a scientist will have access to assays which are not available to doctors on a commercial basis. Maybe what we need to look at is not amongst the “tick the form” tests that your average doc has access to. Also, it probably takes more than the typical 30 minute attention span you get from your doc to think about our problem and interpret the results correctly. I find this idea worthwhile discussing, albeit not in this thread. And yes, I maintain that it ain’t that easy. Our oldest cases go back 10 years. The oldest Accutane cases go back almost 20 years. We must assume that many smart doctors have looked at these people. Still, not one has figured this out yet. That doesn’t sound like easy to me. So much the more, this calls for a new approach. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to get to the same place. Some of us just have different ideas on how to get there. The point of this forum is to voice these and share experiences.

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Please fellas, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but can we keep this as my thread. As awor has suggested this discussion can be moved to another/new thread maybe in the General section.
many thanks

Hi Robin,

How are you doing? Any updates? I too am losing/have lost a large amount of muscle. Much more than i had realised.

I found some of Mew’s posts in this thread interesting;
He mentions some studies on AR mutations and partial androgen resistance.
See; and
Essentially the jist of Mew’s post and the studies is that T/DHT didnt work but Metribolone aka methyltrienolone did.
Therefore an androgen resistance to one type of androgen may not mean a ‘pan-resistance’ to all androgens, some synthetic steroids may work.

If you are still losing muscle etc prehaps giving Nandrolone a go as suggested by Hertogue’s assistant isnt a completely useless idea (as long as it is taken properly like bb’s do). Or prehaps another similar steroid that is less dangerous? What are your opinions on this idea?

I e.mailed some questions to Herthoge’s clinic and got these replies:

They don’t know much about hypermethylation and AR insensitivity and have no experience of demethylating agents.
My doctor was interested to see how good my digestion and absorption of proteins is.
The lab they use can’t measure RT3 and they don’t ask for it.
She said (as we know) if you have more reverse T3,you will have more T3 receptors occupied by reverse T3 and so not available anymore for T 3.
She has a patient from Finland doing the reverse T3 testing with Genova Diagnotics in the US.

I’m not sure what the studies you post re. methyltrienolone show concerning our problem, unless its just to illustrate how different AS work in different ways.

I haven’t had an injection now for 6/7 weeks and have been feeling a bit slower lately. I was due to have blood tests now befor I return to the doctor in 3 weeks but I suppose the results will be distorted now.

Did you do this, if so do you have results? thanks

I don’t see my doctor until 10th Nov, but I don’t know if I’m wasting my time and money.
She replied to my questions by e.mail saying that testing reverse T3 is mainly for people on thyroid treatment and not gettting enough response, so she didn’t see a reason for testing me.
For digestion of proteins she suggested stools examination by a lab in Germany.

Reverse t3 is not the problem so i wouldnt worry about it. Its probably not the problem either but im going to get my stool and urine examined cause i swear somethings fishy there.

Hey Tim, I’m always interested in what you have to say becuase it relates a lot to what Dr. Mariano has said. Have you found anything new in your research lately? I know it’s a challenge to post our ideas on the board, so I perfer to ask in PM. I have been reading alot on edta…seem to be good stuff.


Just wanted to check in and say that I’ve added oats back into what is otherwise an 80 to 90% paleo diet. Oats contain gluten only as a tramp contaminant from other grains.

More importantly, oats have chemcials in them that help to lower SHBG.

My highest adiol-G level thus far was on the heals of using a potent arginine based GH stimulator for about an 8 week long cycle. Erections were clearly stronger at that point.

which product was this? did you test before and then solely used that product and tested again after?

is HGH somehow related to adiol g? you must have had a high dose arginine to somewhat stimulate anything to begin with

trying hgh an option for you (beware of the cortisol since hgh uses cortisol so you need more, if you’re lacking already it’s not a good idea to start it)

Here is a long overdue update on my last visit to Herthoge a few weeks ago. I should have posted ages ago but have been lacking motivation lately.

They mentioned for the first time that the adrenals need to recover and added Hydrocortisone to the DHEA I already take. They said at first response to stress the adrenals produced cortisol but now can’t produce enough and are fatigued. Looking back on my blood tests I can’t see where cortisol is low and have since stopped Hydrocortisone as I’m paranoid about this muscle wasting.

My testosteron levels were low as I had stopped injections for 2.5 months as I saw no effect, so now I have to bring levels up again. They precribed Testogel again as Herthoge seem to prefer it to injections, but after a couple of weeks I have gone back to jabs as the gel just seems to increase DHT.

Somatomedine/IGFBP ratio is still below 100/1 and I need to continue taking GH to increase IGF1.

Vitamin D levels were very low (normally don’t need in summer) so taking this again.
I was told Reverse T3 is only measure if taking Thyroid medications.
Herthoge was also quite adamant that Finasteride does not affect Andorgen Receptors - they do always precribe it with Testosterone.

I was also prescribed Insulin for rebuilding muscle, it combines best with GH apparently. Herthoge warned me he had experimented taking high doses and this had caused shivering - he claims he felt freezing in bed even in summer.
However after 3 weeks of Insulin all I felt was a significant increase of abdominal fat and have stopped taking it. Looking bodybuilding forums they seem to take Thyroid medications with it too control fat.

I attach the blood tests. DHT and Estrone results were late in being processed. DHT was low 5.18 pr/mlas I had stopped the Testo jabs for 2.5 months.
Estrone was 40 pg/ml.
PSA was 0.33 ng/ml (0 - 2.5)
Tests 05.11.10.pdf (469 KB)

Well its been 16 months now on varius forms of TRT and I’m going nowhere fast. The muscle continues to waste away and my appearance becomes less masculine, all I get is more body hair and more abdominal fat.
I’m wondering whether its worth the expense to return to Herthoge’s clinic, I’m thinking of tapering down the Testosterone and see how I survive from there.
I may have one last set of blood tests done to see where I am, and maybe keep some arimidex if I have any problems with erections after that.
But, as Awor has posted, I’m beggining to think that hormones are not the issue and rasing these levels much more may become counterproductive.