Mushrooms in food

I know that someone here had a bad crash after eating some mushrooms (after developing PFS - I’m not saying that mushrooms caused his PFS).

A couple of days ago I had dinner out and there were some mushrooms (I don’t know which kind) in my meal. I picked them out and ate parts of the meal that had mushrooms in there, and then decided I couldn’t avoid them, so just ate the other parts of my meal instead.

That night I barely slept and had sweats.

I didn’t think I was particularly susceptible to diet influencing my condition, but this was 1) the first time I’ve eaten mushrooms in a year and 2) the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in over 6 months.


I thought I’d mention it in case it’s helpful to anyone here. I know that Reishi mushrooms are 5ar inhibitors, they definitely should be avoided. I assume these were common mushrooms.


I’ve never experienced an adverse reaction to eating mushrooms.

Good to know, thanks @orthogs.

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Thanks for the heads up @Greek. How big/small was the portion of mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms will f*ck you up. They are very potent. One study showed its 5ar-inhibiting properties are 70-80%. By far the highest of all mushrooms. Many other mushrooms do the same, but none as bad as Reishi. In general I try to stay away from mushrooms now a days, but I feel that portabello don’t do quit as much harm.


I ate very little of them, so I’ll be very cautious in the future. Thankfully, I got 6 hours unbroken sleep the following (last) night but the night I ate mushrooms, I think I didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours and less than an hour at a time.

Quite concerning that so few could cause such a reaction. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to be permanent.

I think one should be wary of eating fungi/plants in general. Many of them have defense mechanisms such as 5ar inhibiting substances.


Could it perhaps have been a placebo effect? You had the prior belief that mushrooms have negatively affected sufferers and you actively avoid consuming them…

No, I don’t think so.

What kind of mushrooms? are we talking mushrooms like on pizza or spaghetti? or a more exotic type?
I would literally call the restaurant up and ask what kind of mushrooms are in that dish to know specifically. Maybe just say you have a allergy to a certain type.

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This is unlikely something many need to worry about to the extent I do, but I had a terrible crash last year following food with non-specified “mushroom and mushroom extract” in. I hadn’t really thought anything of it until I was really, really unwell. It took me weeks to get out of and I thought I was toast at several points. It was particularly inconvenient as I had to travel overseas to meet with awor and a scientist at the time. I am very sensitive to anything antiandrogenic and as @moonman1’s indicated they inhibit 5a reductase, something I was not aware of before unfortunately. I would eat mushrooms before the development of severe PFS.

Perhaps something to consider if you are someone with severe symptoms after short use of finasteride.

Could you expand further on this chart - what does it mean?
Thank you,

A lot of different mushrooms inhibit 5ar… so they are going to make you feel like shit.