Muscle Wastage - Muscle Weakness - Is there a Baseline - I'm afraid to be skin and Bones in some months

There are the sexuall problems, the neurological problems and from the physical problems the muscle weakness and muscle wastage seems to be very common. I would like to discuss If there is a baseline, who had efforts with gym, therapy or supplements (without total recovery with backed potatos stories).

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I am in for just three months and l have this tingeling all over my limbs and I lost muscle mass
muscles become weaker.
Does that Stopp at a baseline.
What are your experience.

Yes, it does stop at a baseline. My muscles are worst hit than anything else, even my heart muscles seems to have shrinked and has not been the same ever since and it’s been 14 months, but the wastage did stop. Exercising made me worse so i won’t recommend gym.

I would agree some of this muscle involvement maybe aren’t the kind of muscles you work out at the gym.
Like the thread a few topics down, facial changes or some mention changes in their jaw structure.
Bone doesnt change that fast, it is most likely muscle loss.
I would maybe see more benefit with cardio then weight lifting atm.

Okay, As an avid “fitness bro” muscle wastage was a big concern of mine. However theres something that confuses me regarding most people with PFS and the gym.

Can someone explain to me how actually going to the gym makes some of your symptoms worse?

I’m not sure why but I simply dont feel that way. Quite the opposite actually. Maybe its that possibly my PFS is/wasnt as severe or perhaps im on the road to recovery but this concept of exercise making your sides worse actually baffles my mind.

I personally cannot live without the gym. I worked out pre-fin. Hit a definite plateau in the first 2 months of my Fin crash (For reference I took 3.5mg of Fin total). However since about March-April I have made steady progress in the gym both strength, size, and even some fat loss.

I suppose you could argue that I could have made faster and slightly better progress have i not taken any Fin at all however , gains were still made. Personally Im not sure if i had/have the specific PFS symptom of “Muscle Wastage”

Have you tried a ketogenic diet