Muscle soreness coming back

Muscles would not get sore after crash about 2.75 years ago. If I tried to do weight training I would get very agitated, severe insomnia and brainfog for a day or two, no muscle soreness whatsoever so I avoid sports and weight training. Yesterday, I decided to do some pushups. Today I actually felt sore in my chest like I used to and didn’t get any negative symptoms. Nothing changed in my life except I have been actually doing less cardio and I’ve been trying to ingest more probiotics but who knows if that’s doing anything.

Anyone else have muscle soreness disappear and then come back? Hoping if I take it slow I could start building some muscle again.

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definetly experiencing this, no muscle soreness after workout

As recently as two days ago. Haven’t felt that for years. It fell away again the next day as they returned to sponge. I’ve reduced cardio and amount of reps. Going for shock unsure if it’s just a coincidence. I changed the routine to try to slow the wastage/atrophy

I do have some muscle soar after weight liftings, yet i dont see (after 12 times at gym again) muscle gain at this time.

Anyone managed to gain muscle with PFS?

I have been hiking lately and I definitely feel stronger, don’t know if I’m building muscle though. I ordered a simple weight set and going to see if I can build anything when it comes.

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I thought i share with you that my post workout muscle soar has returned to every muscle tissue, it feels great!

I also feel constant strenghtening from session to session. My muscle builds much slower than prefin but at least it does develope again


Great to hear. I also had something like this where my muscles wouldn’t even get sore after a workout. The post-workout soreness did come back, thought maybe not as much as pre-fin.

Hope to hear more positive news from you.

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Seems several people report muscle soreness/building returning. I myself was able to start weight training and have built a good bit of muscle. I slowly introduced more and more resistance on weight machines (seriously slow, high school girls were lifting more than me at first), but now I am back in the rock climbing gym (a hobby of mine before pfs) and loving it. Don’t get nearly as sore as I use to, but it is definitely there.