Multivitamin reccmendations


Has anyone found a good mutlivitimin that doesn’t have any 5ar inhibitory properties (I.e. no saw)? Looking for reccmendations, preferably something I can get on amazon.


I use optimen which you can find on amazon, I also use Rainbow but be careful because there are two versions. One of the Rainbow vitamins does contain Saw palmetto, the one on Amazon does not


Does Saw Palmetto have another name when it’s included in vitamins? I have been using Centrum Chewables (I assume that chewable vitamins will actually have more of a chance of being absorbed) and there’s no mention there.

I chose this one as it seemed to have most things but comparatively little zinc which I read here wasn’t so great for a PFS patient.

This one:


It’s often labelled as serenoa repens.


Its also labeled as serenoa serrulata fruit extract in some hair treatments and vitamins


Also I really want to get to the bottom of the whole Zinc debate, many seem to think it has made them feel better including myself. I still take about 35mg every day


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, Zinc is a 5ARI. Some people say they feel better as a result of 5ARI use post finasteride usage. Others can get worse symptoms from further inhibition.


Thanks guys. I think I will just stick to eating 50 different vitiamins by themselves to be safe :slight_smile:


It’s also an essential (meaning your body needs it to stay healthy) mineral. It is needed for proper immune function, wound healing, cell division and new cell growth, physical growth and development. Your body doesn’t store a large amohnt of zinc, so a steady supply is still needed for it to aid in several important functions, another one being hormonal balance and enzyme support in the context of pfs.


Some B Vitamins also inhibit 5AR. Vitamin E has also some effect on the AR. I would never take a multi vitamin. Get your vitamins from fruits and vegetables.


Hay mate ATP SCIENCE has a very Popular Multivitamin Mineral Supplement called MULTI FOOD it just has Natural Herbs very Popular in Australia


Thanks all. I think this is what I’m going with:

Pure Essence Labs LifeEssence Multivitamin Powder.


This contains Green Tea extract. You might want to look into the Rainbow vitamin I suggested one more time. I reached out to the manufacturer via email and they reassured me that they have removed Saw Palmetto ingredients from their MV


Thanks Pete. I actually used rainbow before all this and loved it. After I saw it had saw (pun intended), I threw it in the trash. I noticed, as you stated, the one on Amazon is sans saw, but it also has green tea extract. Green tea is bad for us I’m assuming? I think I may just cut all food and drink out of my diet and stick to air. That’s probably safest :wink:


Lol honestly thats how I feel. I read someone on here say that tomoatoes are bad for people with pfs. I personally take the Rainbow vitamin and feel fine.


@Dknighten FYI


Guys, any thoughts on this multi-vitamin?