Multiple sclerosis after 13 years finasteride



13 years on propecia without major sides. Longest interruption I had was early 2018 but I went back on after 3 months. Noticed neuro sides over last few months. Turns out I have MS. Hard to say whether fin is cause or pfs reduced neuroprotection. Definitely want to quit now. Cold turkey or taper off slowly?

Any others with MS?


Sorry to hear that man. May I ask what sides you were noticing?


I take it 14-15 Years i had the same Symptomes as MS and it get worser and worser


symptoms were dizziness, vertigo, headaches, fatigue, concentration, speech, swallowing, tinnitus.

Not so much depression or ed.

i really hope it’s coincidence and that i’m not predictive for others.


were you diagnosed with MS by mri?


No that is a feeling as MS, i am not sure is it or not
ia have big Mastzcells Problem after Finasterid, he makes my Brain
defect, Muscels-Bones heavy Pain!
Inflammed eyes-Mouth that is grazy


So you won’t formally diagnosed with MS by a doctor?

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Definitely go off the drug. MS is likely caused by low androgens. Get your DHT back up to normal and you should stop the disease.

To cure Multiple Sclerosis: 1) Go off Finasteride. 2) Take one baby (81mg) Aspirin per day. 3) Other helpful Supplements: Glycine, 5a-DHP (can find ((for lab use**)) at idealabs.