MTF - not the transition I was looking for

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It’s been a week and you’ve had no replies. Allow me to welcome you here, albeit with a caveat.

Most new posters who have quit fin very recently are told to come back after three months. A lot can change in those first three months, and apparently many escape the fate of PFS in that first quarter.

Also, it is possible that the others don’t know how to answer the medical questions special to a MTF transition. Few of us here are experts, mostly just giving moral support.

Finally, many of the members here have shifted to the parallel Reddit forum. Look for the thread “Move to Reddit” a little further down for a link. Maybe you’ll get more assistance there as the membership dwarfs that of this forum. Good luck, Jim


Can you just delete my post from a few minutes ago? I kind of changed my mind.

There’s no good forum for me unfortunately. I feel like people on this forum often don’t appreciate my input because other trans people use the drug to transition.

Unfortunately trans folks also get upset if I mention PFS to them. Because they all transitioned on it and love it. And if I complain they say I am a transphobe and ostracize me.

I have yet to find a trans PFS group. Probably would be a pretty obscure gathering.

My gender affirming care doctor booted me for asking about PFS one too many times and said it is something that only happens to cis men and not trans women.

I’m flying solo now sourcing my own meds and ordering my own labs until I can find another Dr to actually help.

Kinda sucks. Have you come across any message boards or anything for my situation?


Sorry I don’t know how to make this work. Thanks


Hang on in there things may improve with time alone.

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Omg thank you. I hope you are ok

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