mRNA linked to hair follicle regeneration

This has been ongoing research since 2020 but Northwestern University just completed another study of this building off of work from North Carolina State University. Leaving this here for people interested in this ongoing research as well as those lurking this site trying to contemplate about using Finasteride/Propecia (or, using it again).

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If successful, we will design experiments to test whether this microRNA can promote hair growth potentially in humans

This is great news. I encourage these researchers to test it on themselves and their families for twenty years and let us know how it goes.


Oddly enough, most organic shops, naturopaths and alternative medicans are represented here in Germany in the high expensive city quarters and the suburban villa parks of the rich. Children go to expensive Walldorf schools, whose founding fathers as Rudolf Steiner considered biohazardous medicinal products to be the devil’s work and belonged to the sun-worshipping, nudist and vegan movements.
Pharmaceutical bosses in particular who know the truth from clinical studies would therefore never let their families feed them the dangerous toxic medical waste. And the big shareholders either.
If we all have had anthroposophical or alternative medicine doctors we never ever take a chemical brachial disruptor like finasteride and other new products.

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