MRI of brain has anyone else got this done?

I got an MRI of my brain everything came back normal but my pituitary stalk deviates to the right of midline. Doctor said nothing to worry about just curious if other PFS patients got similar results

Typically all MRIs noted here come back unremarkable. It’s a PET scan/fMRI that has sometimes shown some abnormalities in PFS/PSSD. But there’s never been a before and after, so those findings may have always been there.


Yeah I thought it was worth a check, I now for sure know out of everything I tested, it’s not a tumor, not a nerve issue, not a pelvic floor issue, not a balance of the hormones issue and not a psychological issue. I think still what pops up as one of the top theories is that some mechinism is causeing us to store estrogen in a way that doesn’t show up in tests. Canceling out are testosterone and as we raise testosterone estrogen goes higher, could explain success with getting down to ten percent body fat and the short term success with the dangerous high doses of armidex

I’m having one on Thursday for symptoms that I believe are unrelated to PFS… I’ll report back.

Had a brain MRI with and without contrast - zero findings, no surprise.

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Lots of history on this forum of discussion of unremarkable MRI results: