Most successful treatments so far?

I know we do not for sure what PFS is, though there are several theories about it.

But can anyone tell me what treatments have been most successful for people so far? For example, have a large number of people tried doing Testosterone and DHT (e.g., Proviron or Masteron) HRT, with positive outcomes?

At the moment I am tremendously down about my rubber dick, zero libido, and the general idea that I may never be able to get married and have children. It would be great to be able to take my mind off the negatives by focusing on trying possible treatments. Any advice on what might have been most successful treatments so far would be greatly appreciated.

14 day buchinger fast

LLactoferrin in high doses cycled.

Taking hormomes permanently damaged me

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The 2 best things that helped me so far was water fasting and MAFActive Cream (GcMAF).

MAFActive Cream has not cured me but it has made life alot more bearable for me.

I’d encourage people to try the MAFActive Cream.


Herbs, namely tongkat and tribulus. Make sure you get good quality - costs more money but worth it.

by far sunlight

YOU MUST BE JQD!!! Hahahahah It’s JQD everyone!!!

vitD 4000 -6000IU per day helped me to got back and find job. Before that I was disabled.


No i am not JQD.

Agree! Cheapest, simplest and most effective way to feel good. The only problem is that you have to find time to get some (may be difficult depending on which part of the world you are in), it wears off fast (at lest on me). But if I get good sun exposure, I feel great for a couple of days.

In some cases sunlight worsens the situation. In my case, sunlight exposure makes me lose more muscle and gives me a strange anxiety. But I imagine this only happens in the worst cases.

i think youre the second person i seen with this in the whole pfs universe

you should try gradual exposure

Sun exposure gives me severe fatigue and brainfog in the 4-6 hours after. Then that night and following day i feel better.

WOW! You are really f…ed up! Sun exposure makes me feel great!

This is the other person i mentioned.

Blackfox is really having bigger issues than most people. Even he feels better after sun but not immediately

I recommend anyone else to try to have sun, lots of it. Im talking about 3+hours per day. Of course dobt get sunburnt

Before my issues got worse i could tolerate hours of sun. It would make me feel AMAAZING.

But now i get a very strong crash. BUT long term i get benefits. Eg if i do it everyday at the end of the week i will feel better then the start.

On a CFS forum they crash from the sun. SO i guess i am the same

Short term sun exposure can boost testosterone which is bad for PFS patients.

Long term UV exposure can weaken the immune system which is good for PFS patients.

Zonz, there is little to no evidence to back up these claims. Please keep things factual.


Short term sun exposure raises testosterone:

UV reduces immune system:

Ok, but why do you think weakening your immune system is good for PFS?

Because the androgen receptor gene is heavily modulated by the immune system. And people here report feeling amazing in long term sun exposure like if you’re an electrician or exercise outside a lot.