Morning Wood but no libido



Hey guys, I’ve recently started having stronger morning wood. I wake up nearly everyday or other day with a full boner and if I don’t wake up and go back to sleep again for 15 mins I still had it. But It goes away pretty fast when I wake up though… However thing is I don’t have wet or horny dreams, and my libido and sensitivity is still pretty low.

Has this happened with anyone?


yep. same exact position


How long have you had PFS? Did it improve with time? Did you take any supplements? Medicines?



I’ve been experiencing side effects for over a year and a half now. Some aspects have improved but others have gotten worse. For example, my dick didn’t start to have physical changes until 6 months off propecia. Also, I would have intermittent periods where my dick and sex would be almost 100% in the first 6 months but now it’s pretty stable. I’ve had a bit of relief from amino acids, emergenc, magnesium, green tea and heavy lifting/sprinting


Similar situation here. I tend to wake up w/morning wood but can pretty much never “finish” in the morning these days. It’s really weird.


Whats your current state then? You have normal penis size and eretions but no libido?


Lack of sensitivity during sex is the main issue and reduced libido, though not horribly. I don’t have the same electric “oh my god” that feels good feeling that I used to get. Erections are not an issue at all at this point, though I went through a period where it was borderline on whether I needed to fake Cialis to be sure I’d be “good to go”.

But yeah. Sensitivity is the big one. It gets worse the longer I last (it’s actually not bad in the beginning…) and after a certain point there’s no way I can finish because I can barely feel anything. I have learned to just be quicker about things if I need to to help avoid the issue. I have been doing pretty decent lately though compared to a lot of folks around here.


Ashwagandha, 5-htp, Maca+Tribulus are the supplements that made a difference for me. At some point I had 80% of my sensitivity back and libido (which is defined to me as how much one is mentally turned on). When Iam not consistent with them I drop back to baseline PFS.

Couple weeks after crash I got random erections during the day and night. I think this is somewhat mananeable with enough supplements.

Caberglobin didnt do shit for me. I will stop experiment with that. Also I will tro to avoid porn.


Have you also experienced intensity increase in orgasms? Also any other sexual improvements? How much dose did you take? I want to use those supplements. Thanks.


Yes definetly. I set my symptoms the following way:

  • orgasm duration (after my crash orgasms were like 1s lul)
  • penile sensitivity
  • sexual sensation (how much the brain is turned on, its more how you get turned on by having sex with a woman or looking at them)

These symptoms vary of course. Orgasm duration is something that was easiest to influence. Several drugs and supplements will simply increase the duration and intensity. Penile sensitivity and sexual sensation is something which was harder to adress in general.

Supplements I took:

  • high quality ashwaghanda (get high percentage of withanolide)
  • Tribulus+Maca (was one supplement which combined both)
  • 5-htp
  • acetyl-l-carnitin + ginko in the morning.
  • protein supplement which included collagen
  • magnesium citrate

Iam not sure about the dosage. And I cant excatly tell what supplement was responsible. I was not consistent with my intake either. But at some point my symptoms were reduced to a point where I say I can live happily with them although it didnt last long. Iam currently only taking carnitin and ginko for one week to find out if they did something and then continuing to the others.