Morning Erections


Are you getting morning Erections & what is the quality?

  • I never get morning erections, since taking finasteride.
  • I rarely ever get morning erections, when I do, very soft.
  • I have begun to get weak morning erections, not consistently.
  • Have good improvement in this area; semi-hard fairly consistent
  • I have full morning erections consistently, not a prob for me.

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One of the physiological things linked to a healthy man’s sexual function is morning erections. I am sad to say I have seen no real improvement in this area. I have had blips on the radar screen where I tried some new regimine and I had semi-hard ons for a week or so. Currently, I am not getting any morning erections at all.

It would nice to get an idea where some of you guys are at. I know I have seen some guys say they have seen an improvement in the area. Has the improvement stayed. At least when can get an idea if the longer we have been off, if we can expect to see some improvement in this area.

Please take the poll and add how long you took the drug and how long you have been off.

I took the drug for 5.5-6 years. I have been off for 1 year 5 months


You forgot one other option: I never get morning erections since Finasteride. I am in that category.


I did not get them for my last 2-3 years on the drug (was on for 12 years). Since quitting 3 months ago I would say I get them ~3 times per week at about 75% fullness.


my nocturnal erections are super rock hard but i get no morning or day time erections. its really strange


I should have specified - I get nocturnal erections but don’t seem to get them upon waking. Not sure if there is really a difference.


I took the drug for two weeks and have been off six weeks. I actually haven’t had a noticeable problem with morning erections, which is about the only sexual issue I haven’t had at least some hint of. I have had changes in penile tissue(curvature towards the middle as if an invisible rubber band is around it) and a moderate loss of interest in sex and masturbation in general. I also have difficulty getting urine out, which is probably connected to the “bottleneck” in my penis.



Are you using anything to assist in your recovery like clomid or TRT? Your situation is unique compared to most of us other guys that were on the med for more than a year. Most of us have very soft of no morning erections. What exactly is your regimine?

Maybe there is some hope for us longer term users, thanks in advance.


I believe he has stated in past post that most of his issues involved brain fog…


I get them almost every morning. Not while sleeping, but while being half asleep in the morning.


Perhaps I spoke too soon. I think I’m going through the “crash” as we speak. My sex drive has decreased to nothing within a few days, and I’m suddenly finding it very difficult to keep it up while masturbating(never a problem before). My penis also appears to be narrowing and changing shape. Wouldn’t be surprised if my morning erections suddenly disappear within the next few days.


I never had severe sexual side effects (loss of nocturnal/spontaneous erections, loss of sexual dreams). Those seem to have reversed on their own. Brain fog is my bigger issue.


looks like roughly about 70% of people have trouble with morning erections…

Wow…that’s pretty bad!


I was wondering today, do we know what hormone is responsible for morning erections? We have so many that messed up it could be more than one. I think I recall someone on here posting that is was free testosterone.



I dont think its just ‘one’ hormone. When i finished my 2 week of Broc treatment, i had full morning erections for more than a week. They then went away. I had measured my testoterone back then and my test was around 400 and free test was also on the lower side. I dont know what it was, but my body was just functioning right for that time - i could feel it.

I had my next round of morning erections when i did a 10 day clomid treatment - that probably was testosterone driven. That faded away too.

I then again had some morning erections when I was on some herbs, that faded way too. I had my test measured after the morning erections died down and it was 600! so I was having morning erections at 400 testo but not at 600. It just seems to me there is more than just hormones. I think its liver, kidneys, urinary tract etc. all need to healthy and functioning and then testoterone wont matter that much. I think the broc treatment cleared out something in me for that week, which I havent got back again (I tried broc again, didnt work). I still wonder what it was.


I’ve had nocturnal erections every night for three weeks straight. They usually cause me to wake up in the middle of the night. I do not experience morning erections. Is there a difference in the morning vs nocturnal erections?


I’ve found that getting a deep sleep helps with nocturnal and morning erections, although the latter never last at all long, wonder if this is hormonal or something else.


I have had the exact same thing for 2 weeks. I’m getting them in the middle of the night, although it’s difficult to say when. They also cause me to wake up as well. This started for me right after I began taking Armour.


If im warm in bed i seem to be hard everytime i wake up.
If im cold its a noodle alnight


never took fin

never notice them in the morning, only after i eat something then in the car on the way to work, or just at work itself i get mad spontaneous erection…

it almost seems like that should be my morning erection because i slept too little

then rest of morning activity and then afternoon no more spontaneous erections

what worked for me in the past was zma, also l-dopa / mucuna pruriens helped (in combo with 5-htp for even deeper sleep)

what also really works is tongkat ali, i took a pill brand and the powder as well 50:1 which gives good morningwood

also tribulus worked good for me


Found this interesting article in the International Journal of Impotence Research (I wonder if they they have heard of us, seems like they must have). Anyway they did a study on men who were undergoing androgen depravation to become women, and found that nocturnal erections were androgen dependant, but erections for normal sexual relations were not. Here’s the link and a quote. This seem to coorelate well with our fin damage. Many member here can have nocturnal erections, but not normal sexual erections. … 1216a.html