Morning erections present, how should I approach treatment?

I know that there’s specific rules against certain ways of advising treatment. However I’m new here and ignorant of more than many in this forum, so I have a question.

I still get morning erections (albeit less frequently/consistently), and even the occasional one when lying in bed before I sleep (though rarely strong). I’m aware from looking it up, that morning erections happen due to a higher level of testosterone when we wake up.

As such, while I’ve had a number of blood tests that doctors say show a ‘normal’ level of testosterone. Would increasing testosterone be a wise method of recovery, given that my body seems to still have the capacity for erections when testosterone is higher?

Leave it alone mate. The natural booster, such as exercise is your best bet. I wouldn’t touch anything

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Thank you for your reply!

I guess that is a hopeful path there. I don’t know much on the science but would frequent exercise boost testosterone to a higher consistent level?

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When I got PFS it was virtually an unknown. I continued taking propecia on and off for years becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers. I’ve always been a health freak exercise gym junkie and been heavily into nutrition and supps. Id already tried almost everything that’s touted on here in the hope of improvements. Often I’d get a brief upturn only. Throughout I’ve never stopped exercising no matter how difficult. At times I’d be pumped while at others I’d get no response. Then I discovered PFS three years ago I stopped fin and continued to deteriorate. Out of desperation I returned to the odd supp or regime which only worsened things. If I could have turned the clock back I would have got off fin earlier and with the knowledge I have now would have just waited it out if I’d known the cause. For many supps and other things worsen the state. The only sure thing is that time doesn’t hurt you. Don’t kill it in the gym as this can aggravate the situation. Take it easy try to stay chilled as best as possible. Supps such as zma will raise test quickly but they could also burn you. Long reply I know but trying to provide the reasoning behind my advice. But basically yes exercise can boost test consistently. Heavy weights low reps. Just do a few every other day. Leave your dick alone for a while too. Good luck


Thank you! This is all very helpful, I’ll keep a note of it all!

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Drop me a message anytime. Believe it or not positives can often be taken from awful situations. PFS humbles you and make u appreciate life’s basics


For some reason I am getting morning erections now which is strange as I never used to even before finasteride. I suspect I was low T for a few years before fin because I rarely woke up with an erection and was anxiety ridden. Now for whatever reason I have been consistently getting them almost every morning for the last month or so, i got my test checked before this and my free t was very bottom of normal range which isnt acceptable at 19.

Sounds like your free T is good enough if you’re getting morning wood.

Thats what I was thinking, weird how hormones in the body can fluctuate so rapidly with PFS. I’m doing a DUTCH test to rule out any imbalances but seem to be on the right track thankfully.

I’ve heard of “DUTCH tests” before but I don’t know anything. Can you tell me about them?

Its a very indepth hormone test. It tests tons of your hormones and how your body actually uses them.

You should look it up to get more info, quite a few people on here have done one

The thing about DUTCH tests is that none of the information they provide is medically actionable. Practically all of the treatment guidelines that a real doctor is trained to follow are calibrated to traditional blood tests from specific labs, which can’t be translated to DUTCH.

Thus, if you have a real health condition, you’ll likely have to describe your symptoms to a doctor and have them order a second battery of tests if it seems sensible to do so - something you could have done independently of running the DUTCH. It’s just a waste of time and money.

DUTCH mainly seems to be the province of under-qualified “wellness” experts who offer questionable advice. I think you’d get further with a dietician and a well utilized gym membership, myself.

This is what I don’t get and frustrates me. I have apparently decent T levels from doctor’s tests, and occasionally have these moments where it seems to be working. But every other moment is completely symptomatic of low T (including stomach fat now, great). I don’t know how to approach it