Morning depression

Anyone else have a really hard time in the mornings? Depression hits me like a ton of bricks. I feel like a huge boulder is pressing up against my chest. Not that I’m not sad through out the day. It’s just specially bad in the mornings. It’s 5am and I’m wide awake super depressed right now smh. Can’t fall back asleep


you are not alone, sometimes its happening with me but not so hard like you describe.

This might not be related but I was getting hit with anxiety every day at around 12pm. Woke up around 11am.

Hard to pin point what it was but I was eating more carbs that month and less exercise. But I also took vitamin D. Really scared to take the D again to test it.

Do you have a weighted blanket? It may help with anxiety and OCD thoughts. The morning sucks for me as well. Waking up not feeling my little flacid penis certainly contributes to this depression. I used to wake up horny and erect.


Yes there’s something especially depressing about waking up with a dead penis. Doesn’t feel natural


I used to have this severely. I’d wake up in a panic almost every morning absolutely convinced that everything in my life was completely wrong, that I’d made the wrong decision at every juncture there was, that everything was hopeless, etc. it was terrifying. Fortunately, it eventually went away. All my mental sides eventually went away. But sexual sides remain the same. Zero libido. No sexual sensation.

Have you taken any medications to help your depression?