Moonman protocol to increase androgen receptor density

I decided to make this thread just to track a protocol I am starting with the aim to increase androgen receptor density. According the current AR theories, this actually seems like the opposite of what you would think we need to do. However, I have seen enough recoveries / improvements by people taking compounds that raise AR density that its encouraged me to test myself.

My current state is that my energy/fatigue/brain fog symptoms are 80-95% depending on the day. I’ve spent years focusing on adrenals and thyroid and Cortef is always god sent to me for these symptoms.

Sexually, is where I am still at 0-10%. PDE5is only sporadically work these days and my urologist is willing to do a penile implant which I may do once insurance covers.

PROTOCOL (cycles of M-F for 2 weeks, then off 2 weeks, repeat)
-ALCAR 2g 3x a day
-Capsaicin 1x day (MST Capsimax)
-Mucuna Pruriens Extract 1x day
-Intermittent Fasting (shooting for 11-13 hour daily fasts, basically skipping bfast)

All of these above have been shown in studies to increase AR density.

I have seen articles that state Forskoline and Niacinamide also do, but when I looked at the research it seemed to indicate that they “activated” AR (like androgens do) but necessarily increase density with a vague mention of increasing “sensitivity”

I was always a bit of an ectomorph / hardgainer, which tells me maybe my AR density has always been low. I read a study that stated that people who respond to weight lifting the best don’t have higher androgen levels, but instead have higher AR density.

Tribulus (mainly protodoiscin) also increases AR density. But if you don’t get the right one it may make you worse for various reasons. If I do enough cycles of my protocol without benefit then I may start cycling Tribulus.

What is interested is that in 15 years of PFS, the only thing that ever improved / recovered my sexual symptoms was a product that had mucuna pruriens and tribulus in it… both increase AR density. However, I wasn’t cycling it and it eventually wore off.

Other vitamins/herbs that are a part of my staple that I will continue…
-MonoLaurin (daily)
-Pregnenolone (a few times a week)
-Phenibut (1x ever week or two)
-Rhodoila (a few x a week)
-Cordyceps a few x a week)
-Vit D (a few x a week)
-K2 (w Vit D)
-T3 (25mcg per day split in 2 doses)
-Cortef (only as needed… 5-10mg maybe 1x a week or every 2 weeks)

I should also state that I have tried ALCAR in the past, its actually been something I’ve taken at low doses on and off for a while, it helps mentally but never anything close to recover. I suppose I am hoping that combining it with other AR density increasers as well as doing a good job of avoiding random 5ari’s that are in foods + the cycles will be what helps…


Have you actually had your AR density tested? Might be helpful for the experiment to see before and after.

No, its not just a simple commercial test.

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Great thread Moonman, i hope you are on to something. Do you thought about using Proviron too?
Also, please don’t get the implant because if you recover, you will regret it. It sounds really scary. Also what’s the point of having a erect penis without no sensation etc? I think you should try everything and aynthing first, before going into that zone.


Does this site have any kind of “sticky” of ARi foods and supplements? I’m having trouble finding the list of them people have referred to.

Good luck!

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Moonman himself uploaded a list. Look up “foods that may be setting you back”

If you’re at baseline PFS 5aris probably won’t make you worse but if you are doing good then they can crash you, at least in my experience.

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Are you confusing 5ari and ARi (I don’t think the second one is even a thing but I you mean things that downregulate AR density)?

ARi is the term I see in literature alongside ARd for density and AR-ir for immunoreactivity. Here’s the link to list: Common foods that are likely setting you back

Yes, AR-ir is used to assess AR-d so in a sense you can say immunoreactivity = density.

Sensitivity is also often times = to density although that is not actually the case factually.

How is this going for you?

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I made a decent jump in my sexual symptoms and I respond to Viagra much much better. Also just felt very generally in a good mood while on the cycle. Took 2-3 weeks off. And now I am am sort of experimenting in how to cycle it.

I did about 5-6 weeks of the following
CapsiMax 2x a day
MediHerb Tribulus
Mucuna Pruriens
Alcar 6g a day

I cycled these on alternating days. I also ran cordyceps and rhodiola about every other day.

Definitely worth a shot if you have your lifestyle factors under control.

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Might give this a try Moonman. Now almost 4 months off. Feel 70-90% recovered in all sides except the sexual ones. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting (16 hours a day), however a bit reluctant to mess around with supplements so early on! Just curious, did the pde5is always have such a poor response with you? I’ve tried them a few times with experiences ranging from amazing erection quality I’ve never had before to normal functioning.

I’ve been using them for 10+ years and over the past few years they have become less powerful, at times no response at all. So to get a boost is a nice relief.

Thanks for sharing.

Is ALCAR safe? I read oral L Carinitine ingestion increases the production of TMAO in the gut which is believed to substantially increase ones risk of cancer and heart disease. Interested to hear peoples opinions on this.

I believe weight lifting with a heavy focus on shoulders and traps is also one way to increase AR density.

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@moonman1 did mucuna pruriens do anything for cognition, derealization, or anhedonia?

ALCAR is safe and I continue to use it 4-5x a week today.

Mucuna by itself has never really helped.

FWIW, after this I did run a protocol - which did give me an even better boost than this particular protocol.

what was the protocol?

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Apparently it is censored here, because the guy that created it was making affiliate money off the products. I did not buy his brands and I only ran a number of them rather than all 30 or so.

Ah yes. Circular doorknobs wholesale candy and nuts. A classic protocol